ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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SurvivalPlus - Open Beta
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SurvivalPlus - Open Beta


A whole new take on ARK awaits you! Experience a more immersive Survival Feeling than ever before as you brave a new and more dangerous world on your journey from the Stone Age up into the Medieval Times. From the first minutes in this Total Conversion to your first castle siege you will find that this is no vanilla ARK experience - it feels like a whole new game!

We recommend playing on our official server!

This mod plays best with larger amounts of people. We encourage anyone looking to get the most out of it to join us on our official server.

The Basics:
Survival Plus aims to completely overhaul how ARK works, from your first minute to your last day.
  • Technology from the Stone Age to the late Middle Ages, but no high tech.
  • Professions: Over 1000 items are craftable and split up between multiple professions.
  • Custom building system with a completely new look (Feel free to request new features or designs!)
  • Extended Survival Mechanisms: Sleep & Exhaustion, Extended Food & Cooking, Custom Poison Weapons & more.
  • Custom RP Cooking - Dodo legs simmered in lemon juice with fried potatoes anyone?
  • Dynamically spawning new resources like tin, copper, limestone and coal.
  • Prospecting and Quarry System for endgame resources
  • Trading: Custom currency and Trading System.
  • Better farming with new crops, fertilizers and farming mechanics.
  • Extended crafting systems with more crafting stations, a new tool system and more.
  • New and changed taming mechanisms, but large dinos are not tameable to keep a survival feeling. Wild dino nests!
  • A more balanced and less "grindy" experience on vanilla rates.
  • Upcoming: Carts for players and dinos ( )
  • Upcoming: Rebalanced Dinos and upgraded Dino AI (partially implemented already).
  • Upcoming: Extended tribe system with a criminal bounty system, territories and more.
  • Upcoming: Religion and "karma" against offline griefing.

For a detailed introduction visit our about page:

Feedback, Balancing and new Features
We are always looking for feedback and ideas for new features!
One of our main concerns is the feeling of "grindyness", so if you find something that you think takes too long or is too annoying - please let us know!
We will do our best to replace this with a meaningful mechanic instead of just blind farming!
Our goal is to make x1 rates feel comfortable for community servers.


We recommend to host with our Partner and Sponsor []

Click the link below to get to our FAQ section.

This work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

If you have paid to use this mods or any parts of this mod, please demand a refund of your payment. The seller is in violation of the license under which this work was published. If you are a server owner and want to accept donations please remove this mod. There are no exceptions to this license.

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3,622 opmerkingen
Alley_Killa  [auteur] 7 uur geleden 
@Justice: This article covers the trade depot that will buy and sell items to players. The entire depot is needed as the buyer and seller work together.
Tao  [auteur] 8 uur geleden 
The map actually defines almost everything about the spawns - the frequency and location. We only added our own model and effect and gave them a different loot. If the map author provides a loot crate map, it will also be accurate for SurvivalPlus, which can help finding the supply drops.
On the vanilla maps + Ragnarok they are very abundant.

So far we had no reports of players struggling with the direwolf taming range. A ghillie suit makes it a lot easier, otherwise it can help to lay a trail of bait and wait for the wolf to arrive at one end - or lure him there.

We will expand upon that taming method in the future, and may add ways to deliver bait at greater range (e.g. with an arrow).
Justice 8 uur geleden 
Thanks Tao, I did find the PrimalItem Buyer however still did not work. I will have to check again.

As for camps in the open world, is tehre a chance custom maps might limit them from spawning somehow? We've been over 70% of Roraima map and found only one, which despawned when we got near.

We're also struggling with Direwolf taming. There's no way you can get close enough to drop the bait without getting within aggro range of the wolf. Though we did get lucky once and dropped it off a rock ledge which landed within a few feet, and the wolf ignored it. Ironically, I'm more bait than the bait.
Tao  [auteur] 15 uur geleden 
Tanning liquor is currently not meant to be transported.
Flatrat 16 uur geleden 
I cannot transfer tanning liquor into my inventory. Is it broken or do I need some kind of vessel?
Tao  [auteur] 16 uur geleden 
Currently no big changes to the recipes of meals are planned, sorry :/

If you search or buyer you should get the npc that buys from players, but as per current balancing this will only add smaller amounts of coin to the economy (supply camps can easily get 100x more or so in the same amount of time).

The journal is just a custom way to display and unlock the engrams. It uses the level set in the engram. If you see a different engram level in the engram view than in the journal then the overrides likely behave similar to the crafting overrides, in that ARK does not change the level on the engram data we can access, but rather internally, inaccessible to mods.
Justice 19 uur geleden 
Ok, so either you would have to amend the recipe 'defaults,' or I would have to make new ones.

The NPCs I found in the gam files are trade or buyer only. They did not offer the option to purchase from us.

In regards to professions, while I can change the level of the engram, I do not know how to amend the level of the journal. In fact, I didn't have to ever use the engrams from the engram menu.
Tao  [auteur] 16 mrt om 16:43 
@Justice: Yes we do, but apparently it does not take the ini changes. These are applied in a way that we cannot access - we only have access to our default settings, while the game can access the changed content in it's crafting system (which is very closed off, we can just provide the recipe).

There is an NPC trader that buys stuff, however camps are a far better source of coin - gold for a few deeds can be achieved in a single hunt rather easily, unless they are set to use the new random placement vanilla provides, which does make them a bit more balanced.

The crafting cost of deeds may be adjustable with the crafting configs as these are regular crafting processes.

I am not sure about the custom level, the engram levels should be configurable like any other engram, as long as the path is correct.
Justice 16 mrt om 16:05 
@Tao, I find that surprising since you as creators must have set the ingredient costs for the recipes? Effectively we find twenty vegetables for a soup to be excessive, as an example. Simply would like to reduce that.

I can confirm that Journeyman is now accessible. It seems that it is hard coded to level 45. While we did change the engram level to 42, the journal only showed the option at 45.

Are there any plans to rework the coin/barter/economy for small servers where there is no interaction with strangers and/or PVP? Coin is becoming an issue for us, and we cannot afford deeds to build things. I know that some abandoned camps act as 'supply drops' however that's not a sustainable source of coin.

Maybe one can build a trading stall that's managed by the server and will 'buy' goods to a price. This would also incentivize players to go out and gather. You could even arrange bounties for killing certain types of dinosaurs.
Tao  [auteur] 16 mrt om 15:06 
@Justice: Yes, our other crafting systems do not rely on crafting metadata. The meals need this to keep track of the nutrients and food levels of each ingredient. If the changing of the requirements does not work then there is currently no way to adjust the cost.

I am not sure about your journeyman issue, could you possibly post an overview over the related settings you use in a thread in discussions? That would make it easier to keep track.