Killing Floor

Killing Floor

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Press Use to Pickup Weapon
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Press Use to Pickup Weapon

Tired of accidentally picking up weapons on the ground? Here's the solution.


+ Disable auto-pickup weapons only (ammo box, armor etc. is not affected)
+ Display use message for all pickup-able weapons with weapon name
+ Will not display message if player cannot carry it
+ Supports custom weapons (as soon as they subclass KFWeaponPickup)

- As this mutator overrides PlayerController completely, it might have compatibility issues with using other mutators.
- It doesn't swap your weapon with the one on the ground if your weight cannot support it. So you have to drop you weapon before picking up the heavy one.

External link (if Subscribe doesn't download the mutator):

Extract the .u and .ucl files and they should go under the System folder.

Want to have infinite syringe and welder charges and fine control over your weapons' ammo? Check this out:
True Ammo Manager (Mutator)
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[ESW]EnriqueSW 8 mrt 2017 om 13:51 
good job