Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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This mod adds a stability value to each city, based on global happiness and your relation with each culture groups in that city.

The Cultural Diffusion mod is required to calculate stability, and the Custom Advanced Setup Screen is required to reserve CS for revolutions. All mods are also available in the Revolution Modpack collection (link above the description).

'Culture' in this mod is not the same 'Culture' that allows the player to unlock social policies. The 'culture' from the mod is spreading from cities (based on the city output from buildings/wonders) and 'mark' the surrounding land, raising in value each turn if close enough from the city or other plots with higher culture value.

Neighbors civs have their culture mixed on some plots, and during wars the conquered land is still marked by the culture of the previous civ (even if values can be lowered/converted to new culture when a city is conquered)

Cities that are away from the Capital will create separatists. The allowed distance from capital raise with each new era and when the city is connected to the capital by road or harbor (but roads are better). Separatists create unrest faster than normal citizen.

Unrest raise faster in conquered cities until a Courthouse is build, and raise slower in puppet cities.

Revolt (city enter resistance), Rebellion (rebels unit spawning nearby) and Revolution (city flipping to rebel faction) can occurs if a city unrest is too high.

Cities in Revolution can decide to join another Civilization after a few turns, or create a new City State (check the option in the setup screen)

- Installation

1/ Click the "subscribe" button and go back in game, in the mod section, it will be downloaded automatically.
2/ Once downloaded, click the checkbox on the right of the mod line to enabled it, but you must have enabled the 2 other required mods first : Cultural Diffusion and Advanced Custom Setup Screen (see the Revolution Modpack collection for links).
3/ After you've enabled all the mods you want to play with, click "next"
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FireBurn 18 okt 2018 om 1:53 
How does this work with community patch?
Unteroffzier Herrick Schmitz 27 apr 2018 om 13:19 
does this work?
Stromgarde 31 mrt 2018 om 13:35 
The game crashes for me during every game, not before the Renaissance Era; the game just freezes during the Barbarian turn, the music keeps going, but every stops. I have no option but to flatly restart the computer. It's possible that the freeze happens when the first revolution takes place. Very unfortunate, as I really like the mod.
Usernamehere 24 jan 2018 om 13:17 
I was able to view the Empire Stability window earlier in the save file, but the more yields and resources I collected, the further back the button was shoved. I decided to give all my gold and all my resources to a Civ, (Creating a save to go back to just before of course,) and that made the fist of the button visible, allowing me to click it.

I'm going to leave these comments here in case someone else has this issue.
Usernamehere 24 jan 2018 om 13:10 
I'm having an issue with this mod. How do I view the stability overview without clicking on the icon in the top panel? I've got enough mods enabled to shove it to the back, behind the "Help" button presumably, and I can't see it. I also can't find where else I would click to view it.
The Senate 24 aug 2017 om 6:09 
The game crashes each time a revolution happens. What can I do about it? Can I do anything? This mod seems great and I would like it to work!
Gedemon  [auteur] 4 mrt 2017 om 10:31 
I'm not updating my civ5 mods anypore, but try the DLL version:
CombineFinest 4 mrt 2017 om 10:08 
For me the culture table doesn't work.
Darktrooper119 1 sep 2016 om 17:21 
I hate to say this guys... but i think this mod is Dead. last update was 3 years ago, and Gedemon has not been online to my knowlege for over 2 months (granted, i didnt stare at his account continuously, but i made a point to look regularly).
Unless someone can get ahold of him somehow, I think we either have to give up on having support for this mod, or find some way to support it ourselves.
Really upsetting:Nepgear:
JCC0622 1 sep 2016 om 16:39 
Is this only compatable with G&K? The only things that show up on the top bar is "stable" or "CULTURAL RELAITON". Every time I click it I get sent to the Faith screen.