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12 jul 2016 om 11:39
22 jun om 10:42
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Add-on description:

Achilles is a gameplay modification for Arma 3. It expands the Zeus real-time editor with many new additions as well as provides bug fixes.

Achilles started as an expansion to Ares mod, which was created by Anton Struyk. Achilles became the de facto successor to Ares at the point the latter was no longer updated. Achilles has already grown into a splendid project, but new additions are still to come!

Required Add-ons:
- CBA_A3
Optional Add-ons:
- ACE3
- Advanced Rappelling

- The add-on is a modified standalone version of Ares Mod.
- DO NOT RUN this mod with Ares at the same time. All features from Ares are included anyway.
- ACE3 and Advanced Rappelling are optional, but are requiered to unlock certain additional features.
- Moreover, only Zeus need to have the add-on installed as it was the case for Ares Mod.


- Join us on Discord[]
- Achilles Wiki[]
- Check Achilles Tutorial Series
- Post on BIS forums[]
- Full List of Contributers[]
- Check licence[]
- Full Change Logs[]
- Check progress of upcomming updates[]

Report Issues and make suggestions:

Issues and suggestions can be posted on:
- Issue Tracker[]
- Steam Workshop in Discussions (NOT IN COMMENTS!)
- BIS forums[].

Please mention all the points below if the Author requests a detailed issue report:
1) Topic
2) Version of ArmA
3) *All add-ons that were running client side (give versions in parentheses if it's not the steam version)
4) *All add-ons that were running server side (server key does not count; skip if it was SP).
5) Environment (e.g. client on dedicated server / client on hosted server /server host/ SP)
6) Reproducibility (e.g. always)
7) Report step by step how the issue can be reproduced (can also be a video)
8) Appendix: Observed error messages, post links to images (e.g. via ) and/or RPT files (e.g. via ).

*Unload as many add-ons as possible in your test. The usage of an additional addon is only justified if there is an indication of a mod conflict (e.g. the issue only appears when that specific mod is loaded together with Achilles).

Here is just an arbitrary example:
1) Throw smoke grenade hotkey does not work for RHS units.
2) 1.70
3) Achilles (steam); CBA (steam); RHS (
4) CBA (steam); RHS (
5) Client on dedicated server
6) only observed when the unit does not have a vanilla smoke grenade
7.1) Set up a dedicated server with TADST running Tanoa Game Master
7.2) Join server and take Game Master slot
7.3) Place US Army Soldier, select him and press C.
8) Error message observed: "No smoke grenade available".
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21 jun om 21:10
loading SQF (local) breaks server
29 mrt om 9:12
Add Full Arsenal not working?
9 mei om 22:10
[Suggestion] AAN News Hint
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Hmoody-TH 14 uur geleden 
Ah, Alright
Kex  [auteur] 15 uur geleden 
It's currently only applicable to engineers, e.g. try with an engineer support team.
Hmoody-TH 22 uur geleden 
the Repair waypoint doesnt seem to work at all

if it does work, then maybe im using it wrong, im trying to get a repair truck to repair a damaged tank
CreepPork_LV  [auteur] 12 jul om 4:59 
Please follow the issue template above as we need more details to replicate the issue.
Spaghetta 11 jul om 20:36 
Suppressive fire module and double click Ctrl to remote control both seem to break after a bit for me
CreepPork_LV  [auteur] 11 jul om 9:17 
It can be.
Rommels 11 jul om 8:32 
hey is this a clientside mod?
CreepPork_LV  [auteur] 11 jul om 4:06 
The Create Target module is a merge between all other target modules and makes things cleaner. It should still work as intended. You might be using unsupported mod artillery which doesn't work properly or you could be just placing it too close or too far.

Try the default Mk6 (I belive) mortar and see if it works.
stephenthomas00 10 jul om 15:26 
I miss the old artillery method, It was more detailed and it worked. Now every time I use artillery I have to know the exact coordinates and most of the time it misses. Whatever happend to the artillery target module? If no one knows what I mean you would put down Artillery, then make a artillery target and then use Artillery Fire Mission. But now there is only "Create Target" and that doesn't do anything. All I get it is "No Target In Range" no matter how close or how far I put the Artillery or the "Create Target" module.
CreepPork_LV  [auteur] 9 jul om 6:24 
@Mike Nitrate I asked you for more detail on the Discord server.