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Kirby in Sonic the Hedgehog
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28 apr 2016 om 15:11
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Kirby in Sonic the Hedgehog

Kirby in Sonic 1 as you truly imagined, minus the useless copy abilities.

Kirby Controls:
Jump + A/B/C – Float/Fly
Down + A/B/C – Inhale
Up + A/B/C – Run

Difficulty Modes:
Life counter function as Health points and the only way to obtain Health is grabbing every 50+ Rings, Lampposts, Randomized 1Up Monitors, or Score every 50000+ points.

BEGINNER: Rings and Lives function exactly like the original Sonic.
EASY: Health based Lives, Casual players only.
NORMAL: Health based Lives and Randomized Monitors.
INSANE: Like Normal, except Continues disabled, No 1Up from Lampposts, and 100+ Rings for a 1Up.

Production (a Few Graphics and Programming) - Lone Devil
Sonic 1 Custom Title Screen Font – Dr-Luxcario
Smash Bros Melee Kirby sprites – Drshnaps
Magnetize Rings coding – HckTrox
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15 opmerkingen
Ikagura 18 mei om 14:28 
It's still there, good!
JUNKRAT 19 apr om 14:18 
AcidFlare 24 jan 2017 om 5:58 
lol @ BFeely nintendo doesn't own Kirby Hal Labrotories does. Nintendo only licenses hal labrotories to make games for the nintendo game consoles HAL Labrotory is a Developer studio like Ubisoft montreal is a developer studio for ubisoft
Armaroth  [auteur] 25 nov 2016 om 19:36 
Kirby in Sonic the Hedgehog is a already existing official title? I wish.

Also reread that whole thread, "Please do not upload other people's/entities work/titles".
Crashed 25 nov 2016 om 19:28 
You own the rights to the Kirby character?
Armaroth  [auteur] 25 nov 2016 om 19:10 
+BFeely Wrong, you're also 7 months late.
Crashed 24 nov 2016 om 14:02 
+GHNeko Maybe it may fall under the following?
Kirby™ 16 nov 2016 om 14:03 
This rom hack is beautiful.
Little Game Fairy 11 mei 2016 om 21:19 
Hehe, how silly. Everyone knows that the copy ability is Kirby's amazing special trademark that makes him unique and amazing! I understand that it's probably way too hard to incorporate that into a romhack, though. Great job, this looks neat!

Wow, this is probably the closest I'll ever get to playing a Nintendo game on Steam. I love Kirby(and lots of Nintendo things and games in general). So this is neat! I think you did a great job incorporating Kirby's mechanics into Sonic games! Thanks!
tdstjs 8 mei 2016 om 12:58 
I love the ROM hack So I couldn't resist getting this mod.