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Cities: Skylines

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German Highway decorations (Park)
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Assets: Park
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13 nov 2015 om 13:08
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German Highway decorations (Park)

In 1 verzameling van tobse
German Highway signs
13 items
German Highway decorations by tobse

German Highway decorations on exit a Highway.
7x new decorations: Exit, Curve right, Curve left, Exit proximity 100m, Exit proximity 200m, Exit proximity 300m, Guide post

Also as prop available

- All object can place on ground (no road connection needed)
- Park Menu
- tile size 1x1
- Decorations: Exit, Curve right, Curve left, Exit proximity 100m, Exit proximity 200m, Exit proximity 300m, Guide post
- including LODs

Polycount: less than 45 triangles

256x256 px = Textures (Diffuse, Alpha, Normal, Specular, Color)
128x128 px = LOD textures

Mod powered by Tobse
additional information at
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16 opmerkingen
tobse  [auteur] 12 jan 2017 om 3:43 
Yanchen 10 aug 2016 om 22:41 
Nice work, please make that as prop +1.... especially, guide post.
mikamaty 16 mei 2016 om 12:27 
Great addition! But pls make that as prop.
tobse  [auteur] 4 mei 2016 om 4:54 
@Allianz4000 - THX
to 1st Q. - Nice idea I ask boformer If he can touch in.
to 2st Q. - the SimCity vehicles I made are not quick rebuilt for CSL. I must do a new texture that needs time and some remodeling on the 3d object, too.

@Zett Rist - falls das problem immer noch besteht, löche die dateien manuel.
C:\Users\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Assets

@Derb Dog - I agree I will change it asap.

Allianz4000 27 apr 2016 om 16:35 

Two questions:

Is it possible to make the Guide posts compatible with networks skins ?
Then they would be automatically placed, if choosen.

Could you create the "MAN Lion's City" Double Decker (BVG) you made for SC2013 for CSL too?
Froderik 7 feb 2016 om 4:00 
Gefällt mir richtig gut; jetzt kann ich endlich auch an den Autobahnen schönbauen :steamhappy:
Zrist 26 nov 2015 om 9:29 
Ich kann die Schilder nicht mehr aus der Objekt-Liste "entfernen"...würde gerne einmal aufräumen und diese Schilder nicht nur "aus" schalten...irgendwelche Vorschläge?
GordonDry 19 nov 2015 om 13:22 
Als Props für ein Traffic Mod wäre das auch sehr angenehm ...
Lyjo Fachman 17 nov 2015 om 9:31 
This crashes the game for me after the intro; any clues?
Lu. K. 17 nov 2015 om 5:14 
Richtig gut geworden,Respekt ;)