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Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Slavery Mod
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Slavery Mod

Captured workers and settlers are turned into slaves. Slaves do not require maintenance but work slower and can revolt. Slaves can hurry production in cities.

Slaves, captured by barbarians, join their side as military units.

Social policies affect slavery in different ways.
Honor: obtain slaves from barbarian camps and captured cities (until Renaissance).
Exploration: purchase slaves in your cities for cheap (until Industrial).

After adoption of an Ideology slaves do not revolt.

Emansipation (Freedom): starts WLTKD and Golden Age in all your cities; units heal when capture enemy Slaves. All slaves are freed.
Resettlement (Order): new cities start with 3 additional population and 2 Slaves.
Master Race (Autocracy): +10 happiness, get slaves from conquest.
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18 mrt 2021 om 2:23
City states give you worker instead of slaves
8 feb 2016 om 5:06
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Cyber Cenobite 29 mrt 2020 om 16:20 
Technically worker units are already slaves.
Coach Greg Doucette 1 sep 2018 om 14:57 
The game started crashing after getting the mod. Can't confirm 100% it's all cause of this mod, but I if someone else is experiencing it, try to play without this one for a while I guess.
(THESNIFFLES-19) 27 mei 2018 om 13:43 
How come for some reason when another Civ defeats a barbarian encampment I get a slave worker but they don't?
Mk Z  [auteur] 29 jul 2017 om 22:46 
Scotty Rotten, buying slaves becomes unavailable from industrial era
Scotty Rotten 23 jul 2017 om 6:45 
Would be a lot more fitting if slaves where to exist only when capturing enemy settlers/workers. When you reach the modern age it's really anachronistic to be able to buy slaves in your cities. Good idea though.
SpiffyGonzales 17 jul 2017 om 21:23 
Cant you make it so that the social policies they replace are all universal health care?
Jakob 22 mei 2017 om 14:30 
I mean if you kill a slave that has revolted I think it need to be a slave again
Jakob 22 mei 2017 om 14:25 
can you fix that
Jakob 22 mei 2017 om 14:25 
I loved this mod until i realized that you dont get your slaves back after they have revolted
Don Julio 8 apr 2017 om 9:01 
My salves are willing. and captured war prisoners and convicts. Slaves... I enslaved the rainbow... lol