ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Annunaki Genesis (v3.21.0)
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Annunaki Genesis (v3.21.0)

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We highly recommend to use this mod as priority one, since it uses a custom PGD and TGM, whereby many things won't work accordingly otherwise. While this mod can be used for PvP purposes, it's optimization is made for Multiplayer PvE and the Island map of Studio Wildcard. Keep this in mind when you want to use it for a PvP Server, since you can experience unexpected results.

Have fun and enjoy the mod!

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.
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Joker 2 uur geleden 
Is it possible that the last Ark Patch hase broken the difficulty logic from Annunaki?
From nothin the dino level changed on the Server and we did not set overridedifficulty but after the restart it was at 4 but still to low.
Joker 9 uur geleden 
Hey, i got massiv ping problems when a high dps dödi or bronto is farming, even when i set dino harvest multiplyer to 1 or 0.35.
Do you know aboutht this problem or did you have an idea?

Thanks Joker
mitko_p81 13 uur geleden 
@Larissa, by default, tamed animals can raise up only 70 lvl. Every single lvl over is depend from server settigns. Personally at my server all animals can raise 200 lvl's after taming, before i was create other settings wich give me 400 lvl's for tamed animals. Everything depend from server settings.
mitko_p81 13 uur geleden 
@dromfu i think that alpha megalodon from AG is disabled. I don't know after patch 3.21 what is it because now i not playing annunaki, but when we was with patch 3.20 alpha megalodon, alpha mossasaur and some other creatures was disabled from spawners. By default alpha megalodon from AG and all other alpha's from the mod have only burning eyes without aura. Look Alpha Trex, alpha Carno, raptor and all other land and fly animals wich have alpha variants. all they are created by 1 and same way - with burning eyes, no aura and very fast movement. I think that some alpha's was disabled when Wildcard release they're new alpha's like leedsithchis, megalodon, know this creature give us apex items wich are needed for Tek cave or for boss arenas. If you see megalodon wich have no aura and is called "Alpha Megalodon" then go and tame it, but if have a aura - just kill it.
dromfu 14 uur geleden 
@mitko_p81 ho yes man thanks a lot!! I know understand why I can't tame it x) so the alpha megalodon from AG have the same name "alpha megalodon" but they don't have the aura that's it?
Larissa ♥ 15 okt om 11:50 
i can level a Dino +200 Level is that normal?
ckcs3434 15 okt om 4:48 
ARK专业户 13 okt om 22:54 
i am stuent i from to china good
ARK专业户 13 okt om 22:53