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Switch/Takeover Script 2.0 (survivor picker)
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Switch/Takeover Script 2.0 (survivor picker)

With this addon you can takeover available bots in coop-based gamemodes (e.g. Coop, Survival, Realism etc etc) with at least two players on the server.
For example if you suddenly got incapacitated you can takeover a free bot right away or you can kill bots by jumping from a high height as that character and then switching to a free bot before you hit the ground.
All required keybindings can be found at the keyboard controls menu.

As of 29.02.2017 subscription to Menu Framework is now a REQUIREMENT. It is made in favor of having multiple radialmenu-based addons working.

  • no cheats are required;
  • fast, small, reliable and simple to use;
  • works correctly even if you're incapacitated;
  • compatible with other radialmenu based addons that are using same framework;
  • has a clientmenu variant;
  • works on servers without wait command support;
  • no installation required - subscribe, bind your keys and play your way!

This mod doesn't require any installation by default. You only have to change the keybindings to suit your needs.
If you don't see options in the keyboard settings menu - turn off all conflicting addons except this one (can do that in "Addons" section from main game menu) then change your keyboard settings and reenable addons back. Alternatively, you can also bind your keys manually using the command console:
bind [key] "+mouse_menu TakeoverMenu" // Switch radial menu
bind [key] "show_menu TakeoverMenu" // Switch client menu
bind [key] "+mouse_menu TakeoverMenu/GoIdle" // Bind to idle
bind [key] "+mouse_menu TakeoverMenu/NAME" // Replace "NAME" with Nick (Bill, Zoey, ...) to switch to a specific character
You can't use other vocalizer-based addons with this addon, unless it's supported by Menu Framework.

Make sure you're switching to an existing free bot that isn't dead or being controlled by another player and is a part of the same mission character set (L4D1/L4D2). Otherwise you'll create a new dead bot which will bring about various bugs like further duplications or losing the ability to takeover bots.

If you are worried about switching to a bot as some one is joining the game you can see connecting players by using the "status" command in the console. You should think twice before taking over a busy bot.

  • Bots duplication (can be fixed on serverside);
  • Various idle-related bugs and glitches (can be fixed on serverside).

  1. Q: Addon not working! What should i do?!
    A: Glad to hear that. Please read Installation and Tips sections before asking for help in the comment section or in the discussions.

  2. Q: Can I use scripts used in this addon in my addon/script/plugin etc?
    A: Yes. Make sure you credit me and this addon.

  3. Q: Does addon requires cheats?
    A: No! However, there are also cheat equivalents included.

  4. Q: Does addon will work on servers with disabled "sv_allow_wait_command"?
    A: Yes it will.

62 for survivor picker idea and assistance;
Jay for german translation;
Armos for keybindings layout idea;
Spaulding--x[spaulding--x.deviantart.com] for "Survivor Uh-OH" artwork used as the addon thumbnail.

English (original), Russian and German.

Any feedback is welcome.
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19 dec 2017 om 5:58
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shqke  [auteur] 20 feb om 7:33 
Этот мод предоставляет самую быструю смену за счет выполнения наименьшего количества действий от пользователя.
Котяра 20 feb om 7:20 
Бесполезный мод, менять ботов можно и через консоль.
shqke  [auteur] 23 okt 2018 om 23:14 
little brother 23 okt 2018 om 23:13 
would this work on public servers? like if i join a random server (co-op) can i switch to a bot?
shqke  [auteur] 21 aug 2018 om 23:52 
If it works for you with cheats on, then perhaps you're trying it on a server without other human players, or on a gamemode which isn't supported by this feature (e.g. Versus).
Clash 21 aug 2018 om 18:29 
correction it only works for me when I have cheats enabled and I read the discription several times and did everything it said
shqke  [auteur] 21 aug 2018 om 14:08 
It does work, read description.
Clash 21 aug 2018 om 12:08 
doesn't work
shqke  [auteur] 4 aug 2018 om 11:27 
Add me, I'll help you get through it.
Helrika 4 aug 2018 om 11:12 
i have no clue how to even do that lol