Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Reclamation for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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Both variants of Reclamation for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Casual Variant features spawn-points at positions around the map, gearing it towards Deathmatch and Arms Race game modes; while the Competitive Variant has spawn-points in a fixed team-spawn zone, geared toward team-play.
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Reclamation Casual
Gemaakt door SpAM_CAN
A fearsome battle inside the clogged-up baggage and parcel delivery systems of Blue Mesa Airlines Terminal 5.

Best played in Deathmatch, Arms Race and Demolition.

For a variant designed for competitive play, go here:
Reclamation Competitive
Gemaakt door SpAM_CAN
A fearsome firefight inside the clogged-up baggage and parcel delivery systems of Blue Mesa Terminal 5.

A competitive variant of the original Reclamation Casual, which can be found here:
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SpAM_CAN  [auteur] 16 okt 2016 om 4:41 
@jimmyneu1 - Sorry, Google Translate isn't really helping me out here.
zoubida 15 okt 2016 om 15:12 
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