Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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GBJ Blood Mod: The Revolution
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Tags: Mod, Graphical
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7 aug 2014 om 21:42
10 aug 2018 om 10:17
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GBJ Blood Mod: The Revolution

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GBJ Blood Mod: The Revolution v2.0

- The mod uses about 7 new textures blood.
- Depending on the various bumps in the battle using different textures of blood.
- Blood on the battlefield does not disappear.
- Changed the texture of the blood on the bodies, clothing and armor more realistic.
- New texture blood and intestines from the artillery strike.
- Added saturation, changed and improved the appearance of all the blood textures.
- Added flashing and volume of all the blood textures.

Revolution because mod adds the ability to use in battle is not a single texture of blood and about 7 different textures blood thereby making a bloody picture of the battlefield is much more diverse.

Attention!!! mod is not compatible with any other mods on the blood, before installing this mod remove them, otherwise its normal operation is not guaranteed!!!

Attention!!! Due to changes in the new patch to complete the work mode (that the blood did not disappear on the ground) will need to download an additional file, нe also is not Steam version mod.
Installation: put the file in the folder "data" in the game directory. (folder with the game).

How to remove: When installing any other mods for blood or if you wish to delete mod, be sure to remove the additional file manually!!!

Recommend the use of mods in conjunction with this mod on the blood:
- No HDR Mod
- R2:TW GEM - Graphic Enhancement Mod
- NEW: More Bloody Animation

- GBJ Blood Mod Attila: The Bloody Volume

Other versions of the mods change the texture of the blood for Total War: Rome 2
- GBJ Blood Mod: The Original
- GBJ Blood Mod: The Harsh Reality
- GBJ Blood Mod: The Purple Rivers

Mod changes the texture of blood for Total War: Shogun 2
- GBJ Blood Mod: The Samurai Blood

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4 jan om 5:19
BELANGRIJK: Ссылка на дополнительный файл.
Apis in Memphis
17 feb 2017 om 23:59
BELANGRIJK: Link to additional file.
Apis in Memphis
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Wild colonial boy 30 jun om 13:54 
Обнови пж
Texan214 30 apr om 4:05 
I think patches broke this mod
anonim4ik 3 jan om 23:34 
Проблема с файлом. Его не видит лицензионный лаунчер. Чуть более подробно отчитался в русском обсуждении по файлу.
Edo Arudo 1 nov 2018 om 5:31 
I download the mod, i put the file in the data folder, i press the "movie mod" button in the main menu, but the mod doesnt work...

hek189󠀡 24 sep 2018 om 9:02 
@12vader34 you need the additional file
ImpKing72 31 aug 2018 om 13:59 
My game doesn't portray the images of blood and gore that are above. It acts like the standard base game. There is very little blood. I have enable the movie thing and followed the instructions exactly. Is this mod simply for pikes etc? Or do they spill blood by all types of weapons? Help?
biv86 25 aug 2018 om 21:39 
Дружище, закинь на гугл-диск файл, mediafire не работает. Всем будет проще. Спасибо! :)
jpinard 17 aug 2018 om 11:13 
Where is the link for the additional file we needed? The current one doesn't work.
=WFT= Eagle 15 aug 2018 om 13:42 
It works.
I've found the ''movie mod'' button on the main menu.
Since I always press- continue campaign, it was hard for me to see where I could find it....

Indeed a few drops on the ground, but that is more than enough.
Tot 14 aug 2018 om 16:48 
Ignore last comment.

I concur with RTF though, there's not really all that much's mostly speckles of sorts.

Still much better than blood not staying on ground though. Many thanks for the mod I appreciate it.