Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

Greenlight stopt ermee. Meer informatie over het inzenden van spellen op Steam vind je nu in deze blogpost.
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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
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25 mrt 2013 om 9:14
8 sep 2015 om 3:05
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New trailer - Chapter 2 coming soon!
Releasedatum: 2015
Alpha versions already available at 50% off! Pre-order at luminesca.com

About Luminesca...

Luminesca is a chilled-out underwater exploration game which follows the story of a little creature called Lum. Using the light from your esca you can explore the dark watery depths, uncover ancient machinery, and play with a whole ecosystem of strange and monstrous creatures.

Luminesca is a short, simple game which intends to create a rich, atmospheric experience...
  • No complex control systems to learn.
  • No long blocks of text or drawn-out cut scenes to wade through.
  • No frustrating reflex-based gameplay.
Instead, the game strips back these elements to reward curiosity, exploration and playfulness with strong audio-visual elements and a mysterious, creepy fantasy world.

Available Now!

Luminesca is already available to pre-order (50% off) from these places:You can pre-order now to get instant access early builds! There are currently 2 of 5 chapters available, with more added at no extra cost as development continues.

Your support is appreciated!

If you like what you see, please give Luminesca the Thumbs Up, Favorite, Follow, Share and leave a comment!

Even if you don't like what you see, I'd be happy to discuss it with you! Luminesca is a work in progress and I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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12 sep 2015 om 16:19
First Impressions
Player Uno
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zeroxxx 6 aug 2016 om 23:59 
RIP game.
PS forever 17 jul 2016 om 3:13 
Нормально. Пусть идет.
zeroxxx 4 jul 2016 om 7:33 
Can't you just release each chapters as episodic releases? Steam allows that kind of thing. Instead of waiting full game which takes I don't know how long...
Somn 5 jun 2016 om 10:34 
Matt  [auteur] 27 apr 2016 om 1:33 
@kaylic19: Yes, all purchasers on the Humble Store will be given a Steam key as and when it's released. As I mentioned in my previous post, this may take some time as the project is going through some rethinking, but the plan has always been to give out Steam keys.