Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Winter Promenade - one prop required
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Assets: Road
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15 nov 2017 om 10:04
16 nov 2017 om 8:19
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Winter Promenade - one prop required

In 1 verzameling van MrMiyagi
Christmas Village Collection
163 items
Pedestrian path (not a road) 1 tile wide. No DLC required. Requires one prop subscription, the Illuminated Bare Tree by MrMaison.
If you don't have them already, click their name and subscribe first to them to the right ------------>

+ Ground lighting instead of park lamp makes the illuminated trees show up much better
+ Made with winter in mind, but I made sure there's nothing from Snowfall so that you can use it in any environment you wish.
+ Time saver!
- No way to randomly rotate the prop trees.
- I can't figure out why it won't show the options for elevated and bridge, even though this is based on the pavement path. As soon as I figure out why, I can update this. For now, if you need an overpass or elevated ped path, you'll have to use the regular concrete ped path for the elevated parts.

Very simple and not chock-full of props on purpose. Tiles were not used because 1) the decal tiles do not look right unless you make them always straight and 2) I don't know how to make the model for a custom path surface... *yet*. Will update this with a nice tile at low file size if I can learn how to make a road model. For now, frozen pavement will do fine.

If you'd like to treat me to a hot cocoa or chocolate Santa, you can do so here at Paypal :)
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6 opmerkingen
Dellmartin89 17 nov 2017 om 6:17 
This looks awesome 😀 very beautiful 👌
Emperor Li 16 nov 2017 om 11:53 
MrMaison  [auteur] 15 nov 2017 om 21:42 
Looks Awesome! Great idea with those lights :)
Hendrik aka Lucky Pants 15 nov 2017 om 11:06 
Yes - they are beautiful ... and yours look better than real life ones. I have subsribed to all of them already - can't wait to use them in my cities.
And maybe your trees might finally change BonBonB's mind about Snowfall maps .. haha.
MrMiyagi  [auteur] 15 nov 2017 om 11:03 
Thanks hendrik. I love the illuminated trees!
Hendrik aka Lucky Pants 15 nov 2017 om 10:41 
Beautiful !