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Outback (Boomerang Coaster)
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30. apr. 2017 kl. 3:30
30. apr. 2017 kl. 7:38
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Outback (Boomerang Coaster)

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Australian Outback
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Navigate your way through the Australian outback through croc creek, aboriginal art and a forest fire!

Compact ride blueprint with over 20 triggered events

To place please disable collision and lower it using the advanced move tool (x) to the level
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10 kommentarer
dantremblay 29. juli kl. 15:30 
Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing this with us.
SmilingGal 6. maj kl. 17:03 
I saw this on Channel 5's Boomerang Coaster Contest today ~ great job & congrats on 2nd place! You Rock! :D
Evillution 25. juni 2017 kl. 8:03 
Great, i like it.
Floss  [ophavsmand] 2. juni 2017 kl. 10:07 
thanks everyone, I really appreciate it :D
dennis_nagel 2. juni 2017 kl. 5:05 
Cowboy 19. maj 2017 kl. 13:35 
Kick ass! Love the crocs!
websearcher 19. maj 2017 kl. 9:30 
This is a great creation. The crocs are really cute and the aboriginal art and kangeroo sign gives it a perfect tie in with Australia.
Channel5 Gaming 18. maj 2017 kl. 3:11 
Congratulations on placing 2ND in the Channel5 Gaming Boomerang Contest! Really great job Floss!: Your personal winners video here:
Be sure to stay tuned for the final contest results coming in a few days which we will announce prizes and promotions! :)
drfugo 15. maj 2017 kl. 2:35 
A++++ themeing! love the symbols and the kangeroo sign. and fun ride too :D
Channel5 Gaming 14. maj 2017 kl. 22:21 
Great boomerang Contest Submission! Your boomerang was featured today in the Middle weight entries video!: