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rFactor2 Quick Guide: List of Server Commands
Af Christopher_E
This is a list of all available server commands that can be used via the chat window either through the UI in rFactor 2, or in the back-end of the dedicated server.
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Server Commands
/admin [password]
/admin mydogsnamebackwards
admin login (wrong or no password = stop being administrator)
/vote yes

same as pressing YES button in the UI
/vote no

same as pressing NO button in the UI

Shows your ping, same as pressing button (default key is TAB)
/w [drivername] [chat]
/w Richie Spinner Hey stay low
whisper to given driver

/whisper [drivername] [chat]
/whisper Richie Spinner Hey stay low
same functionality as /w
/callvote nextsession

Advances to next session (practice to qual, for example)
/callvote nextrace

Advances to next event in dedicated server track list
/callvote str

Advances direct to race
/callvote event [name]
/call vote event Palm Springs Speedway
Advances to specified event

/callvote restartrace

Restarts the current race
/callvote restartwarmup

Advances to the beginning of warmup

*Advances to the beginning of warmup
/callvote restartweekend

Calls a vote to return to first session (practice)
/callvote addai

Calls a vote to add 1 AI
/callvote add5ai

Calls a vote to add 5 AI
/callvote kick [name]

/callvote kick Richie Spinner

Removes driver from race
/callvote ban [name]
/callvote ban Richie Spinner
Bans driver from server
/editgrid [pos] [name]
/editgrid 12 Richie Spinner
*Moves the specified driver to the given position on the grid – It is recommended to specify the grid positions starting from first to last to avoid expected results
/setmass [mass] [name]
/editgrid 150 Richie Spinner
*Applies a penalty mass (0-255 kg) to the specified driver with immediate effect and for the duration of the weekend
/changelaps [laps] [name]
/changelaps +10 Richie Spinner
/changelaps -10 Richie Spinner
*Adjusts the number of completed laps (-10 to +10) to the specified player for the purpose of allowing live stewards' input into the game's scoring system
/addpenalty [code] [name]
/addpenalty 2 Richie Spinner

*Adds a penalty to the specified driver.
The [code] command accepts the following values:
-2 = longest line
-1 = drive-thru
0-60 = stop/go penalty number of seconds
/subpenalty [code] [name]
/subpenalty 3 Richie Spinner
*Removes a penalty from the given player.
The following are valid values for [code]:
0=remove one stop/go penalty,
1=remove one drive-thru penalty,
2=remove one longest line penalty,
3=remove all penalties
/throwyellow [laps]

/throwyellow 5

*Starts a full-course caution for the given number of laps (must be at least 2). If laps number is not specified, random value will apply.

*Ends a full-course caution as soon as possible, regardless of the planned number of laps.
/racelength [code] [value1] [value2]

/racelength 2 20 25
*Changes the race length for the next race:
[code]=0 sets a [value1] % length race
[code]=1sets a [value1]-lap race
[code]=2 sets a [value1]-minute (timed) race
[code]=3 sets a [value1]-lap [value2]-minute race

*Shuts down dedicated server immediately
/set upload [kbps]
/set upload 256
Changes upload speed (works on own machine only, administrator can't change server's upload at this time)
/set download [kbps]

/set download 512
Changes download speed (same as above)
/set nagle [0 or 1]

Can only be set on the server - specifies whether questionable Nagle TCP algorithm is used
/batch [filename]
/batch mybatchfile.bat
Executes a batchfile

/dq [drivername]
/dq Richie Spinner
Disqualifies specified driver
/undq [drivername]
/undq Richie Spinner
Removes disqualification from specified driver
/pitbyteam 12 SlowPokesRacing
Assigns a pit space to specified team
/pitbydriver 12 Richie Spinner
Assigns a pit space to specified vehicle
/pitbyvehicle 12 Camaro
Assigns a pit space to specified vehicle
/forwardseconds [secs]
/forwardseconds 600
Forwards the session time by the specified number of seconds

Actions preceded by an asterisk (*) are admin server commands: To use these commands, you need to either be admin in the rF2 client or use the dedicated server backend.
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3 kommentarer
Christopher_E  [ophavsmand] 3. nov. 2016 kl. 3:42 
Glad you're finding it useful :)
Dewald Nel 2. nov. 2016 kl. 7:44 
Thanks for putting this up and updating it, Christopher. Much appreciated. :) :steamhappy:
Wishmaster 2. aug. 2016 kl. 0:05 
Is there a way to change the starting procedure via server command? For example from standing+formation to rolling. Or do i need to restart the server?

Via command it would be the nicer solution because i dont need to leave the game (Alt+Tab).