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Snipers Duel
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25. jun 2015 kl. 3:23
1. jul 2015 kl. 19:09
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Snipers Duel

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Snipers Duel features up to 10 players dueling out in a FFA mode with an Instantgib Rifle, Machine Gun, Shotgun, Jump and Shield.

This game mode is currently being built and may be slightly buggy at this moment in time.

Please feel free to post your suggestions in the Workshop Discussion section.
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1. jul 2015 kl. 22:00
FASTGJORT: Ability Suggestions
8. feb 2016 kl. 0:01
Boots of Travel
23. jul 2015 kl. 6:07
FASTGJORT: Item Suggestions
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260 kommentarer
Blood Girl 3. jul kl. 17:47 
лечу на ебанном тапке попадают в ебасосину фикс пидоры!
Unicorn rider 16. nov 2016 kl. 2:54 
Awesome mod ! 1v1 are really trippy, good work man !
PMD 5. sep 2016 kl. 10:01 
Hi, love your game, please fix some remaining bugs, like force boots not working :) Me and my freinds are trying to push your game.
MVPTROLL® 20. jul 2016 kl. 3:41 
nm asf sdfsdgk.

S∑RRØÿ 3. maj 2016 kl. 22:42 
Pe4enuxa 17. apr 2016 kl. 2:00 
Niggie 6. apr 2016 kl. 12:38 
I kept getting shot mid-leap, great design
Mackzwellz 15. mar 2016 kl. 10:48 
bug encountered: both of force boots aren't working right now, mb latest custom games api udates broke something
and a minor one: time limit of 20 mins is also not working, game doesn't end
it keeps adding minus-time instead
Skyred 21. feb 2016 kl. 22:27 
bug report: no dmg skill and cant see projectile
pls fix it
^Jakub^ 8. feb 2016 kl. 0:02