Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV

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Fun and Balance
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17. maj 2015 kl. 20:01
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Fun and Balance

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taw  [ophavsmand] 17. mar. kl. 11:49 
A bit late, but updated for 1.28.3.
taw  [ophavsmand] 17. mar. kl. 11:39 
Updated. Now with more meaningful rebels (not numerically, but more menacing type instead of always trivial particularists, and shorter defection timer), and stronger HRE emperor bonuses, and some minor modifier tweaks.
Gigawot 17. feb. kl. 2:12 
Thanks for looking into it. To be honest the results are a bit weird when testing the game in spectator. Its affecting far more than I wanted. I was trying to slow down expansion because even on very hard I manage to become pretty large within 100 years. Thanks anyway.
taw  [ophavsmand] 16. feb. kl. 16:27 
Also it modifies copy from very old version of the game (1.22 from looks of it), so it will mess up a lot of things if you try to run it on new game. Scornful insults, Muslim schools, and a lot of events will simply not apply correct modifiers.

If you really want to try it, unpack Fun and Balance, edit common/opinion_modifiers/00_opinion_modifiers.txt, find aggressive_expansion section, and change opinion = -1 to opinion = -3. Actually using that mod is a bad idea.
taw  [ophavsmand] 16. feb. kl. 16:27 
Gigawot: That's quite incompatible, that mod overrides opinion_modifiers, not defines.lua as I expected.

Fun and Balance does 3 minor fixes in this file:
* increased support independence bonus (that does less than I thought it would)
* caps annexed vassal penalty at -100 (since there's a lot more vassals and time before annexing is doubled, vanilla's uncapped penalty doesn't work too well)
* lowers "pirated us" from insanely high -100 to more reasonable -25, to prevent alliances breaking because AI randomly clicked privateer button in nodes where its allies trade

That mod triples AE opinion penalty in weird way. I'm not sure if there are side effects of this approach.
Gigawot 16. feb. kl. 15:33 I tried it on one and it said it was compatible. Thank you for helping.
taw  [ophavsmand] 16. feb. kl. 15:20 
Gigawot: What's that other mod's address? Game doesn't have mod compatibility checker, but there are external tools I can run to diagnose most such issues.
Gigawot 16. feb. kl. 15:18 
Interesting. I can get either mod to work individually but not together. I assumed they were overwriting the same file.
taw  [ophavsmand] 16. feb. kl. 11:00 
Gigawot: All the defines patches are in individual common/defines/fun_and_balance*.lua files, so it shouldn't conflict with mods that do other defines changes.
Gigawot 16. feb. kl. 9:45 
Is there a way I can make this work with an increased AE Mod? This seems to overwrite it due to the defender aggressive expansion discount I think.