The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Dark Souls II - The Smelter Demon - Armor set - Weapons
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6. jan. 2015 kl. 11:02
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Dark Souls II - The Smelter Demon - Armor set - Weapons

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Adds :
- Smelter demon helmet
- Smelter demon armor
- Smelter demon leggings
- Smelter demon gloves
- Smelter demon sword 1h

- The smelter demon NPC
- Iron Rest Location
- go to the location and kill the smelter demon.
- Loot his body for the items.
- Male and female are the same mesh.
- He is Extremely Hard !
- lvl range is 80 - 120

The Old Iron King's life was taken by a mass of iron that had been given a soul.
Was this metal goliath there from the beginning, or was it a product of the king's conceit?

The Old Iron King was possessed of a great bounty
of ore, but was incinerated by a creature that rose
from the infernal depths of the earth.

Thx to :
- Bethesda
- Skyrim
- Creation Kit
- Blender
- Nifskope
- Photoshop
- Steam
- FromSoftware
- Dark Souls

Sry for the bad english.

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122 kommentarer
Voiden Irritus 31. juli 2017 kl. 17:43 
Just killed this boss, so far all the bosses in DSII have been really lame
thebenwoir 13. maj 2017 kl. 6:36 
when the player wears this armor they look like a weird stripper
Buttertoto 8. apr. 2017 kl. 13:07 
make the players body on fire like he is and add fire eye
NOPE 29. dec. 2016 kl. 7:50 
i'm just going to fight him with god mode on because i'm level 21
✭丂卄卂ᗪㄖ山 山ㄖㄥ千✭ 20. dec. 2016 kl. 17:12 
The place Iron's Rest, doesn't even show up for me, i'm over at the location where it says on the map and it's not even there, no map marker, nothing :/....
Flynn Taggart 16. dec. 2016 kl. 18:28 
I'm incredibly surprised it's only one-handed. It's supposed to be a massive sword...
Quaggz++ 26. nov. 2016 kl. 21:59 
Okay, so he spawned as a massive, naked, dead guy. I resurrected him and was brought back with 1 health...Wtf?
Marcel 24. nov. 2016 kl. 7:10 
the armor is like in ds2 nice
The Rake 1. nov. 2016 kl. 22:46 
is there some way, to make it so the player ACTUALLY looks like the smelter when they put the armor on? the pieces look cool dont get me wrong but it just looks....ugh being able to see the bare skin of your character.
TheDemonInTheDark 12. sep. 2016 kl. 13:29 
You know despite the level recommendation I fought him at level 18. Not a smart idea.