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Warlock Brawl
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Warlock Brawl

Warlock Brawl is the official Dota 2 mod based on the Warcraft 3 map Warlock developed by its original creators. In short it's a physics based arena game.


Check out our community and give suggestions at
Our Steam Group

Source code and more available on GitHub[]!

GK for creating the Workshop Logo
BigGreenPepper[] for the background used in the loading screen
EvilEyecc and 填坑sama for the Chinese translation
BrainInside for the Russian translation
Napoqe for the Portuguese-Brazilian translation

Alpha Credits
Kaertus for creating the custom UI (scoreboard).

Frequently asked questions

Is the Warlock Stand-Alone coming soon?
The Warlock stand-alone is currently on hold since we are working on a Dota 2 Warlock mod "Warlock Brawl".

Why is it named Warlock Brawl instead of Warlock?
Several other games go by the name "Warlock". We wanted a more unique nick which is more likely to show if you google it.

Who is developing the Warlock Brawl mod?
Toraxxx (
- Assisting developer of the original Warlock.
- Lead developer of the Dota mod
Adynathos (
- Developer of the original Warlock and lead developer of the stand-alone.
- Working with physics engine, systems, platform tech
Zymoran (
- Developer of the original Warlock.
- Working with game concept, modeling/textures, shop tech

Is the Warlock Brawl mod based on the original Warlock map?
Yes. In fact, we even transfer the exact game balance (spells, movement speed, etc) from WC3 to the DotA 2 mod - the parameters that the warlockbrawl community has decided over the last 6 years.
There will also be improvements, new spells/items and new features.

The Warlock Brawl mod seems unfinished and boring
It took a very long time for the WC3 version to reach a reasonable gameplay. It will take a while for the Dota 2 mod as well (the Warlock Brawl project was launched in July 2014 for reference).

Can I help?
Just like for the WC3 Warlock map, we also rely on your feedback to improve the Warlock Brawl gameplay.
Try the mod and tell us (post here or by email) what you think could be improved. At this stage, we are specifically looking for any negative aspects which causes the game to feel different from the original Warlockl

Is the WC3 Warlock map still being developed?
Yes, and version 1.01 is expected to be released very soon.
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30. nov. 2019 kl. 7:49
Do you want a Warlock standalone game?
29. apr. 2020 kl. 12:03
Bug Report
Dota 3
15. jan. 2022 kl. 9:33
Игра вылетает когда кого то убиваешь
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557 kommentarer
я 14 раз ссал 22. aug. kl. 17:25 
so why a cani play in this pretty game
я Йогурт 22. aug. kl. 17:25 
fix pls
warlock > dota
хуй 22. aug. kl. 17:24 
какова хуя ничгео не работает
SM47 10. aug. kl. 19:42 
Please fix. That was best map
Patrego♿ 24. juni kl. 13:08 
We need the fix, please!
papercut- 24. juni kl. 12:57 
Please, could you fix the game mode. The game doesn't let to pick heroes.
Rei Delas 14. juni kl. 17:40 
not working =( fix this game please. its unable to pick hero
Abuelita 29. maj kl. 20:10 
Not working 29/05/23
TexanHoosier 20. maj kl. 15:39 
Ill add my two cents as well, please fix this game I love it so much
Tužo 4. maj kl. 11:37 
Hello team, please if you could look at startup - unable to pick hero > after lobby time map does not load at all (only shop opens)