Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

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Wade. The Gloomy Poet
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Wade. The Gloomy Poet

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Adds Wade The Gloomy Poet to your game! He brings with him a Pencil Blade as well as a Coffee Machine!

Wade, The Gloomy Poet:

Version: 1.0
-Character Published

Version: 1.1
-Fixed Modicon
-Updated Workshop page

Version :1.2
-Health changed from 180 to 120.
-Made coffee stackable.
-Updated icons.

Version : 1.3
-Fixed a bug in which the game would crash wen opening the coffee machine in a caves-world would crash the game.

A character mod created by Bretticus Von Magnus as a paid commission for Wade.

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13 kommentarer
Spooker jaws 24. juli kl. 15:32 
Mediocre Mutton 22. juni kl. 12:04 
@Sir Bretticus Many thanks!
Sir Bretticus  [ophavsmand] 22. juni kl. 10:48 
@Mediocre Mutton. The bug should be fixed now!
Mediocre Mutton 21. juni kl. 2:54 
Thanks for the response, I appreciate it! Yeah, I kept disabling all my other mods at first to see if it clashed with others, but thank you!
Sir Bretticus  [ophavsmand] 21. juni kl. 0:55 
@Mediocre Mutton. I'll try to solve the bug as soon as possible. But I believe it's a bug that only occurs on cave worlds if memory serves.
Mediocre Mutton 20. juni kl. 21:08 
I just tried out the character mod. It has a cool concept, but as soon as I placed the coffee machine on the ground and right clicked to open, it crashed DST. Does this happen to anyone else?
Bobyjr50 16. juni kl. 12:38 
Og_hart 9. juni kl. 19:23 
Love this so much!! Thank you for your time and bringing my character to life! I know I've said this all to you before but this really has changed DST for me! :)
Sir Bretticus  [ophavsmand] 9. juni kl. 7:22 
@๖Random, You got it.
Scud 9. juni kl. 3:09 
Author please add pencil statistics and coffee recipe!