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26. jul kl. 7:15
11. sep kl. 1:17
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Max_Terminator by Maxjoiner

This addon adds Terminators Units (Human and Skeleton)
You can find them in Opfor-Skynet faction
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125 kommentarer
Maxjoiner  [ophavsmand] 10. nov kl. 10:41 
Thanks guys for your comments and suggests, when I'll find the time I'll try to improve my mod
COMRADE_BLITZ 10. nov kl. 8:14 
nice job creating models and sound is great when you shoo them you can here metal sound but there is a bug when you shoot them even with 9mm pistol they will die with 1 shot IDK maybe its bug please fix it,and add more terminatores like t1000 t3000 t500 upgraded and other ones like the flying one the gient one in terminator 4..... you deserve the 5 star
chis2009diman 10. okt kl. 8:33 
And add a view of how the terminator sees when you press the "N" button"
chis2009diman 10. okt kl. 8:30 
Add the effect of bullets on metal.Sparks.
Maxjoiner  [ophavsmand] 10. okt kl. 8:03 
chis2009diman 10. okt kl. 6:25 
И добавить hud при включение ночного режима?
chis2009diman 10. okt kl. 6:23 
Можно ли добавить т800 без кожи при поподание пуль эфект искр?
Maxjoiner  [ophavsmand] 28. sep kl. 21:46 
@landonbaytown You can use this command:
_NameUnit addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {((_this select 2)/1.2)}];
1.2 is used to reduce damange
@King Megascience Sincerly the Termintor is not born like a normal Unit,
however in the future I could add also this possibility
King Megascience 28. sep kl. 8:02 
Why is the terminator prohibited from wearing helmets?