Riddled Corpses

Riddled Corpses

Riddled Corpses EX (PS4/PSVITA/PSTV/XB1): Platinum Review
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"The Chiptune Soundtrack meshed well with levels. Enjoyed Cave one the most.

Bandicamp Soundtrack: {LINK FJERNET}


Game comes with Original, Alternate (new), and Metal which you unlock in the game.

Easy Grinding Platinum, took me around 11 hours to obtain.

Enjoyed every single second of it even though there was only 6 levels in total.

Twin Stick shooting mechanics and shredding through Zombies never felt so good...

PSTV compatible.

$11.99 USD /$15.99 CAD launch price.

Disclaimer: Received a Press Copy from Cowcat Games. Much appreciated.

Thanks to Giorgiost for the Bandicamp Code. Really helped in not having to use spliced music from the game.