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9. dec. 2012 kl. 9:22
2. apr. 2015 kl. 14:33
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Restriction system for ULX. (Requires ULX and ULib),5269.0.html

Please read the wiki for additional help:

Please feel free to comment on my profile and add me if you need help. If you do not comment, you will likely be ignored.
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2. dec. 2017 kl. 11:30
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1. feb. kl. 9:17
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8. maj kl. 21:08
How to open the Menu (For the Noobs)
^2copper banana
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DENOK 14. sep. kl. 12:50 
gey blyat
Merlin the Great Wizard 7. juni kl. 10:54 
Nevermind, I figured it out, what you need to do is simply use the command as a chat command or console command (console command works best as you have no character limit) and add a space between the user groups.

How easy.
Merlin the Great Wizard 7. juni kl. 10:40 
Is there a way to use the urs restrict command on multiple user groups at once? Would be better than doing all user groups one by one.
Leah 26. maj kl. 10:25 
How do I get the prop limit count for my HUD? I've tried: "URS.limits["prop"][LocalPlayer():GetUserGroup()]" but it doesn't work :S
ian is a idiot 8. maj kl. 21:07 
ToxicFiend 18. apr. kl. 10:41 
You'll need to manually restrict them one by one, unless there is a command, I haven't found another way. Sorry!
Auralius 18. apr. kl. 10:17 
Is there a way to restrict all sweps?
Mantha 6. apr. kl. 16:32 
+rep Prevented my little brother from deleting my friends' creations all the time
ToxicFiend 3. jan. kl. 10:59 
Try quotes.
slug 3. jan. kl. 4:12 
I tried using the tool restriction on a group called super admin and it dosnt work because of the space. is there a fix for this without removeing the space? cheers