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Honda Civic BTCC 2013
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Honda Civic BTCC 2013

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The 2013 Honda Civic NGTC (Next Generation Touring Car), entered by the Honda Yuasa and Pirtek Racing Teams into the British Touring Car Championship, is built for ultimate performance.

The Honda Civic boasts 330 horsepower, driven to the front wheels through its six-speed Xtrac sequential semi-automatic stick driven gearbox. The slick tires are a very modern radial design that cope very well with the preferred oversteer setup the car is fastest with.

The car is unlikely to change very much within current NGTC rules, so should remain competitive and cutting edge (whether raced in tourer or car configuration) for quite a few years.
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GigaS 17. bře. v 11.33 
Love this but a current version of this is badly needed for RF2 2020. Anyway to update the brake lights like some have commented on? Also the FFB feels strange and sound when throttling around a corner but i can work with it :)
Tom Lory 18. led. v 10.47 
Efnet Sim Racing is hosting a 10-round / 20-race multiclass championship racing series with these excellent cars starting February 9 with two test weekends prior.

Tom Lory 20. lis. 2019 v 4.21 
Excellent except that it needs a selection of longer gears to be race-able at all tracks, ideally made to possible to gear for top speed @ HP peak with lowest DF. With rFactor, this would be a 15 minute fix but I can't imagine it taking much longer for the Studio 397 pros if they care about refining this car.
|$m0k!n|-ZaK 9. lis. 2019 v 10.58 
the best 120MB of data downloaded to RF2! ...a unique drive ... many moan about the ffb ... but in my opinion its spot on ...
sh101753 11. úno. 2019 v 5.12 
I can not play because package not available. how can i get this package
GavNormandale 10. úno. 2019 v 14.15 
Great car but no brake lights, get caught out with same cars in race so cant use as AI.
puremad 4. říj. 2018 v 18.09 
This feels like the FFB is inverted !? Like you need to + or - it but we dont have any option to do it.. Not just this car either !
shovas 24. srp. 2018 v 19.28 
Car modelling is nice but I can't believe the FFB feels like this in real life. Other comments seem to indicate an issue there.
treborvxr 13. dub. 2018 v 8.51 
why in dx11 mode are these cars so shiny? can see brake lights or headllights come on due to this
Krzysztof Maj 26. led. 2018 v 7.22 
It turns out the FFB is not that unrealistic - see why:

The only real issue might be that still steer torque feel exaggerated on some weels - if so you can try lowering max FFB and turning on TC.