ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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SurvivalPlus - Open Beta
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SurvivalPlus - Open Beta

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A whole new take on ARK awaits you! Experience a more immersive Survival Feeling than ever before as you brave a new and more dangerous world on your journey from the Stone Age up into the Medieval Times. From the first minutes in this Total Conversion to your first castle siege you will find that this is no vanilla ARK experience - it feels like a whole new game!

We recommend playing on our official server!

This mod plays best with larger amounts of people. We encourage anyone looking to get the most out of it to join us on our official server.

The Basics:
Survival Plus aims to completely overhaul how ARK works, from your first minute to your last day.
  • Technology from the Stone Age to the late Middle Ages, but no high tech.
  • Professions: Over 1000 items are craftable and split up between multiple professions.
  • Custom building system with a completely new look (Feel free to request new features or designs!)
  • Extended Survival Mechanisms: Sleep & Exhaustion, Extended Food & Cooking, Custom Poison Weapons & more.
  • Custom RP Cooking - Dodo legs simmered in lemon juice with fried potatoes anyone?
  • Dynamically spawning new resources like tin, copper, limestone and coal.
  • Prospecting and Quarry System for endgame resources
  • Trading: Custom currency and Trading System.
  • Better farming with new crops, fertilizers and farming mechanics.
  • Extended crafting systems with more crafting stations, a new tool system and more.
  • New and changed taming mechanisms, but large dinos are not tameable to keep a survival feeling. Wild dino nests!
  • A more balanced and less "grindy" experience on vanilla rates.
  • Upcoming: Carts for players and dinos ( )
  • Upcoming: Rebalanced Dinos and upgraded Dino AI (partially implemented already).
  • Upcoming: Extended tribe system with a criminal bounty system, territories and more.
  • Upcoming: Religion and "karma" against offline griefing.

For a detailed introduction visit our about page:

Feedback, Balancing and new Features
We are always looking for feedback and ideas for new features!
One of our main concerns is the feeling of "grindyness", so if you find something that you think takes too long or is too annoying - please let us know!
We will do our best to replace this with a meaningful mechanic instead of just blind farming!
Our goal is to make x1 rates feel comfortable for community servers.


We recommend to host with our Partner and Sponsor []

Click the link below to get to our FAQ section.

This work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

If you have paid to use this mods or any parts of this mod, please demand a refund of your payment. The seller is in violation of the license under which this work was published. If you are a server owner and want to accept donations please remove this mod. There are no exceptions to this license.

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Počet komentářů: 3,569
Tao  [autor] 23. úno. v 12.35 
@Fulikecica: You can join our official server, or find other servers here: (click the buttons to connect to a server)
Fulikecica 23. úno. v 11.34 
Any suggestion which server is best for joing as new player? I would like to play this mod its look fantastic.
Tao  [autor] 23. úno. v 6.12 
@Vegeta: That is not something we know about, it is likely due to a faulty install. Make sure to only start SP after the "installing mods" text vanished from the main menu.
If you already started once while still installing (it is easy to miss) you will have a corrupt installation and ARK/Steam do not automatically clean those up. Try to follow the first answer in our FAQ:
Tao  [autor] 23. úno. v 6.11 
@Huck: Wir haben leider keine Einstellung die etwas an der Aggro verändert (da auch der Mod selbst nichts derartiges tut), falls SurvivalPlus der einzige Mod auf eurem Server ist würde ich empfehlen neu zu installieren (vor allem auf Servern in der EU kommen unvollständige Installationen häufig vor, da die Steam download Server oft instabil sind). Wir selbst laden im Notfall manuell die Dateien von unserer lokalen Installation mit FTP hoch.
Vegeta 22. úno. v 23.01 
Hi there, I downloaded this mod, and every time I try to run the game in single player it takes forever to load, then as it's busy getting ready to take me to the character creation screan it crashes my ark fatal error. The mod is at the top, because it is the only mod running. Any ideas why my ark keeps crashing?
Huck 22. úno. v 13.54 
Wir haben das auch auf anderen SurvivalPlus Servern getestet, da ist das nicht aufgetretten deswegen vermuten wir das es irgend eine Einstellung ist. Viellt könnt ihr uns dort weiter helfen.
Huck 22. úno. v 13.51 
Wir haben das Vanilla getestet und bisher ist das noch nie vorgekommen. Nur bei euren Mod laufen die Dinos Amok. Keine Ahnung warum, bei PrimitivePlus läuft dies ohne Probleme.
Tao  [autor] 22. úno. v 13.49 
Die Aggro wird durch den Mod nicht verändert, Aggro generell kann nur sehr bedingt durch Mods beeinflusst werden.
Huck 22. úno. v 9.00 
An sich ist der Mod klasse und feier ihn sehr, aber das mit der Agro von den Dinos ist der größte Blödsinn ever. Drei mal wurde meine Base nun zerstört von Dinos welche durch meine Base liefen und auf einmal aggressiv wurden und alles und jedem angegriffen habe. Das ist der größte Mist ever. Habe den server eingestellt und spiele lieber PrimitivePlus DLC als euer Mod.
|| YPR || Mysjolin 19. úno. v 14.01 
ok thank u for the info. :D