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Start Stellaris in the early days of space travel, when FTL is merely theoretical and a practical drive system has yet to be concieved, never mind researched and retrofitted. All empires except fallen start with no FTL, only one of three theories and a slower than light drive for colony and science ships. Practical FTL drives must be researched and retrofitted before other ships can leave their starting systems. Theory techs and first drive techs are quite rare.

Exploiting your home system is much more important than in the vanilla game. I recommend the Colonizeable Home System mod so that you can colonize all the worlds in your home system. My co-dev @ined77 prefers The Belt for asteroid colonization a la The Expanse. Colonize Unlimted, Colonization & Terraforming Overhaul or AlphaMod will also expand colonizability, among many other things. One of them is probably necessary to fully enjoy pre-FTL gameplay. Colonize Unlimited is included as part of More Technologies, but be aware that extra techs will delay your access to FTL noticeably.

The All FTL variant makes all drives researchable, with a strong AI preference for its initial choice. The original baseline mod has become an addon that keeps vanilla's FTL approach, where your initial choice of FTL governs your whole game. If you want to play with hyperlanes only, you'll need to run this variant.
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Pre-FTL Players 2.2
Vytvořil Pode
Updated for 2.2.x

Start Stellaris in the early days of space travel, when FTL is merely theoretical & a practical drive system has yet to be concieved. All empires except fallen start with no FTL, only a theory. Practical drives must be researched & fit...
Colonize Everything 2.2
Vytvořil Pode
This mod makes all rocky worlds, gas giants and asteroids in all systems colonizeable, at great expense to build, expand, and maintain. Just because you can settle them doesn't mean you should unless there's a compelling reason. Like the 50% bonus engineer...
The Belt (v2.1 Niven) - NEW AUTHOR LINK
Vytvořil Hit-Monkey
User RevanSchatten has gone and picked up the Hot Potato. If you want to continue using The Belt, go check his update out!

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has subbed to this mod, and I'm sorry I couldn't update further for you. Here's to the future of t...
¡Glavius's Compatible AI mod for 2.1.*
Vytvořil Glavius
This mod is offically abandoned and will no longer receive updates. You can download the current version of this mod here:

Reuse Information:
FTL Scout Probe 2.0
Vytvořil Arcalane
Currently Beta/WIP - Apocalypse/Distant Stars Edition; 2.0-2.1 compatible

Adds FTL-capable scout probes, buildable from game start. Simply go into the ship designer and design a probe. They're simple reconaissance and information-gathering device...
Tech Tier Events
Vytvořil timOkills
The "Tech Tier Events" mod adds an event chain that counts researched technologies and notifies when a new tier is unlocked.

In the corresponding Situation Log entry, the number of researched technologies per area (phyiscs/society/engineering) and per t...
Primitive and PreFTL Civilian Trade
Vytvořil Pode
This is a compatibility patch mod that prevents Civilian Trade's trade ships from spawning prior to the discovery of FTL drives in any of Pode's Primitive or Pre-FTL PLayers mods. Otherwise your traders would be stuck with slower than light drives, unable ...
Simple Slower Than Light 2.0 [Unsupported]
Vytvořil [Andon]
Update: I'm no longer going to be modding for Stellaris. If anyone wants to pick this up, please contact me first but I'll be more than happy to pass the torch on.

Simple Slower Than Light

What is "Slower Than Light?"
Slower Tha...
Slower Than Light 2 [Unsupported]
Vytvořil [Andon]
Update: I'm no longer going to be modding for Stellaris. If anyone wants to pick this up, please contact me first but I'll be more than happy to pass the torch on.

Slower Than Light v2

What is "Slower Than Light?"
Slower Than Li...
Pre-FTL Players test
Vytvořil Pode
Test and development for Pre-FTL Players mods.

Please note that this version of the mod is used for testing. Updates are likley bugged, please report bugs...
Designable Civilian Ships
Vytvořil Splodgenik
Adds the Constructor, Science Ship, Colony Ship and Transport back in the Ship Designer for you to admire.

Sadly, these ships built to a custom design will only last until you research a new ship technology at which point they'll be automatically upgrad...
Automated Scout Ships (2.1)
Vytvořil Ariphaos
1.9.x version here

- This mod is no longer being worked on.

These are fully auto-designed. Just build one or two (from your shipyard) and go.

This is version 2 of my Autom...
Disputed Systems
Vytvořil Pode
This mod prevents planets from flipping control to the owner of the local starbase in 2.0. This allows two empires to share a single system, such as might happen when one planet rebels.

Planetary rebellions now generate disputed systems where appropriat...
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Počet komentářů: 29
Orthopaktis 28. čvn. 2018 v 9.05 
I meant in relation to the suggestion I gave you last November, and I see you fixed the AI not researching FTL, that's great!
Pode  [autor] 28. čvn. 2018 v 8.35 
Not longer than Primitive Players, not yet.
Orthopaktis 27. čvn. 2018 v 22.23 
@Pode did you ever get a chance to look into the possibility of a long-game version of the mod?
Pode  [autor] 24. čvn. 2018 v 19.47 
These, no. My other mod, Primitive Players, tries harder to be a true primitive start. Still needs work, I'm on a BattleTech break and missed the last update.
Entropy 24. čvn. 2018 v 19.15 
Do any of these mods allow the player to experience their own medieval eras and civil war nuclear wars?
Orthopaktis 28. pro. 2017 v 5.19
Scratch what I said earlier, probably won't be back for another week until after New Years. Didn't think this week would be so hectic, hope you're having good holidays though!
Pode  [autor] 25. pro. 2017 v 5.48 
Link? You might be the first stream I watch.
Orthopaktis 25. pro. 2017 v 5.04 
Coolio, just checking in whether or not I should start a new stream game yet or wait if the release is just around the corner. Keep up the good work, I think I'm the only streamer who actually streams the Pre-FTL mod, it's sad more people don't appreciate this.
Pode  [autor] 24. pro. 2017 v 1.10 
Won't be til after the new year, but not forgotten
Orthopaktis 23. pro. 2017 v 22.11 
Any update on that possible long-game Pre-FTL mod?