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Future Unfolding
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Genre: Action, Adventure
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
20. zář. 2016 v 23.50
15. bře. 2017 v 9.59

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Datum vydání: Early 2017
Future Unfolding
In Future Unfolding you explore a surreal, dream-like world that is procedurally generated. You need to solve puzzles and interact with different animals to progress and open up new areas. You can die, but you don't have any weapons at your disposal, so you need to outsmart or outrun your predators. No handholding or tutorials, you discover everything yourself while you play.

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"For some, Future Unfolding will be a world to be pleasantly perplexed by.
Others will view it as a giant puzzle to be slowly deciphered."


"Future Unfolding’s world is a lush and rich with color, begging to be delved into."
–The Verge

"Utterly gorgeous."
–Rock Paper Shotgun

  1. What kind of game?
    Future Unfolding is a top-down action adventure with a focus on exploration.
  2. Which platforms?
    Windows, Mac, Linux and PlayStation 4.
  3. When is it coming out?
    We're aiming for early 2017.
  4. Who's making the game?
    Spaces of Play[www.spacesofplay.com] Mattias Ljungström, Marek Plichta and Andreas Zecher.
  5. Who's making the music?
    Nilsson + Carleberg[www.nilssoncarleberg.se]
  6. Did you make any games before?
    Yes, we previously made Spirits. Some people described it as “Princess Mononoke meets Lemmings“.
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Počet komentářů: 125
Pixtrees 4. říj. 2016 v 5.01 
I love the look and sound of the game. The textures and saturation look incredible. Can't wait till it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!:steamhappy:
alancaselli 4. říj. 2016 v 3.44 
This looks awesome!!!
jamon 3. říj. 2016 v 12.45 
re va se ve bien
pepconfa 3. říj. 2016 v 12.34 
The music is really nice and it looks interesting. Voted yes.
Black Lodge Games 3. říj. 2016 v 11.55 
Love the colour schemes and atmospheric music. Voted yes.
coderfast 3. říj. 2016 v 11.31 
Great graphics is the kind of games that I want on my library :steamhappy:
Wise Punch 3. říj. 2016 v 8.58 
Looks great. Voted Yes.
Doomerang 3. říj. 2016 v 6.39 
No matter how colorful you make it, all you seem to do is walk around. No.
andreaszecher  [autor] 3. říj. 2016 v 4.39 
@Plump4Trump No weapons, no crafting.
bruanor 3. říj. 2016 v 1.00 
Good luck! beatiful!