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Play As Dino!
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Play As Dino!

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Play As Dino Collection
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With this mod you will be able to play as a dinosaur! Fight to survive as you’re playing a lot of different dinosaurs!

Did you always want to be as fast as a Raptor, fly as high as a Quetzal, be as strong as a Giganotosaurus or explore the bottom of the ocean as a Mosasaur, then this is the mod you want!

By playing this mod you will learn how it is to be a dinosaur. You will be able to play as over 80 different dinosaurs, including water and flying dino's. Mate with other dino's, raise your baby's and form a deadly pack! Use this mod with the 'Extra Spawns' map extension (see the important links) for an optimal Play As Dino experience! Or play multiplayer and eat your friends!

You will be able to play as:

-Allosaurus (breedable)
-Alpha Carno
-Alpha Raptor
-Alpha Rex
-Carno (breedable)
-Compy (breedable)
-Direbear (breedable)
-Direwolf (breedable)
-Dung Beetle
-Equus (breedable)
-Giant Bee Queen
-Gigantopithicus (breedable)
-Hyaenadon (breedable)
-Kairuku (breedable)
-Otter (breedable)
-Procoptodon (breedable)
-Pteranodon (breedable)
-Raptor (breedable)
-Rex (breedable)
-Terrorbird (breedable)
-Woolly Rhino

Scorched Earth:
-Rock Elemental
-Thorney Dragon
-Wyverns (Poison, Fire, Alpha and Lightning)

-Ravenger (breedable)
-Reaper King and Queen (breedable)
-Rock Drake (breedable)
-Roll Rat (breedable)
Skeletal variants (Bronto, Raptor, Rex, Trike)
Baby Dino’s (every dino)

Have fun!

Important Links:

Play As Dino! - Beta:
How to play and FAQ:
Bugs and Problems
Idea's and Feedback
Extra Spawns!
Play As Dino Collection:

Important Notes:

-The mod needs to be first in load order to work, it changes a lot of the core game files.
-Before creating a new dino, make sure to backup the world as you will lose the old character!
-When you have a problem, bug or feedback don't post it on this page, but in the right discussion. Also give more information than just 'It doesn't work!'. Than i am able to help and fix the problem.
-Currently in the mod you are just an invisible player riding the dino. This is because of the limitations of the Dev Kit, maybe in the future this will change.
-I can only add creatures that are in the Dev Kit, so creatures that just have been released can't be added. No worries, because I am going to add most of the new creatures.

Mod ID: 520154171

If you like the mod, you can donate here:

Future plans:
-Adding more dino’s, especially aberration and TLC 2
-Adding the new egg system to more dino's
-Adding unlockable skins
-New structures to build for dinos
-Evolution system

Thanks to the people from the modding community for helping out and improving the mod.

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.]
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Axlev1.0 před 31 minutami 
Please make a version where you can play as bosses
WingedPug před 11 hodinami 
How will it change when I am playing singleplayer as a human? Is is it going to be almost exactly the same, even if I install the Extra Spawns mod? And should I make a backup of my character? Should I disable the mod in the inbuilt mod list when I play as a human, or should I just leave it? I always get nervous when modding things, so I want to make sure. Thanks.
BRUV'S GRUV ^+-IcySoda-+^ před 12 hodinami 
please make a seprate mod of the same thing that is for other servers using the mod that dont' want the dinosaur play block.
Andromeda [☾☆] 21. čvc. v 5.20 
May you add stegosaurus,megalosaurus and diplodocus to future update ?
simonjs 20. čvc. v 19.01 
@kio_wild did you try multiple dinosaurs? did you try to do it without anything extra? (having it be a baby for example)
Kio_Wild 20. čvc. v 15.05 
Help,I tried to use it on singleplayer and it doesn’t seem to work ;-;
Alexandertnt() 19. čvc. v 1.56 
What exactly didn't work?
Did you get the Custom Dino option?
Did you get an error?
Is this mod first in the load order?
Did you test it with just this mod and Shadlos's mod loaded to rule out issues with other mods?

I tried it then and it worked perfectly, so I suspect its something on your end.
R4P70R 18. čvc. v 8.36 
Update the Spino
cjmactagg the dilo 18. čvc. v 8.18 
@alexandertnt() nope it dosen't work
The Dancing Zombie 17. čvc. v 6.13 
due to the fact that giganthopithicus can have a club, it can tame things, is this intended