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Super Truckin'
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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
25. lis. 2014 v 17.58
27. čvc. 2016 v 19.27
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Demo Available!
New Race Levels
Datum vydání: Early 2015
Inspired by the arcade game Super Off Road and Mario Kart this top down race, battle and sport game includes configurable trucks, crazy power ups, a dynamic camera, all up to 8 players.

The 8 player couch play is the highlight of the game where you and your friends can bring their customized cars over from their digital garage (Super Truckin' Garage - App on iOS and Android) to play, earn coins and win new truck customizations. Keyboard and joystick support is built in with three separate local garages, which makes the mobile app completely optional, but definitely a plus.

Super Truckin' Garage is first scheduled to be released on Android and it will be an app that allows you to customize your trucks on the go. In addition to customizing your trucks, you can also connect to multiplayer games over Wi-Fi and control your truck direct from the app. This means that you will always have your custom trucks to show off and you won't have to buy any new controllers to take advantage of the 8 player multiplayer.

Unique tracks, quick action, awesome power ups and a mobile app - the only thing missing is you and your friends. Vote and play!
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6. pro. 2014 v 11.23
What would you guys like to see in the game?
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Jimbly 11. bře. 2016 v 16.43 
I love couch competitive games, sign me up! If you like local multiplayer, please also vote for my Bomberman-like game Splody: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=595188747
RockstarCRO 31. led. 2016 v 16.08 
@Mint, thank you for the reply. Keep up the work. If anything, your concept seems rock solid but you may get the odd gamer or two complaining about the graphics. Will they be fined tuned or that's it?
ren_arrais 28. lis. 2015 v 14.12 
Looks good!
Nuligine 18. lis. 2015 v 8.47 
prometheusgr  [autor] 23. zář. 2015 v 14.57 
Truckercech - the demo is out now! Check it out and let us know what you think!

RockstarCRO - There are other mini-games, and billiards wasn't one of them, yet.

MintArcade - Thanks for the kind words!
MintArcade 19. srp. 2015 v 6.01 
Yes. Looking cool. Good luck with the project.
RockstarCRO 18. srp. 2015 v 20.40 
Racing and soccer? Any other mini games in store such as billiards maybe?
Trucker 6. čvc. 2015 v 14.08 
hmmm...not sure with this game..... perfect will be if greenlight will have rules for developers like this: ,,your presentation must containt demo of game for free download" .....i would like to try the game before i buy it...so....is possible to get demo? graphicly its look easy and colored like worms or other ,,child" games, so its not problem....but for example dust race will be better with some more trees and better look of background....now its look like small sqare with sky background...so i dont like it....so try to put in game more decoration..... and why that cars are flying so high to sky?? :)
The Beast 31. pro. 2014 v 22.19 
Nice :)
reaper 17. pro. 2014 v 8.43 
Its Cool:tradingcard::physgun: