Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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Close Render Distance
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12. lis. 2019 v 13.10
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Close Render Distance

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This mod moves the minimum render distance 8 times closer, meaning things will no longer 'disappear' when you zoom in up close.

This means you can finally experience your maps from the perspective of your passengers - wait at stations, board trains, and watch the world go by at street level!

To get the full experience, use the camera tool (enabled under advanced options -> enable camera tool) to get down to street level and enter your trains. The mod affects both the camera tool and normal game camera views.

Compatible with natural environment professional.

All credit goes to VacuumTube, who included this in their mod:

Enjoy :)
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Počet komentářů: 48
james.walster 30. lis. 2019 v 13.15 
is there a way this mod can be modified where it does not cause crashes or such long loading time?
Cat 26. lis. 2019 v 11.11 
Game crashed after adding this mod.
tsilaicosneknurd 25. lis. 2019 v 11.47 
Hi, sounds nice, but I got frequent random crashes (onmouseover or zooming? over tunnels:)
==> stderr.txt <==
CTerrain::GetHeightAt: pos not valid: (-nan / -nan)
[repeatet 5 times]
AraxEthyr 24. lis. 2019 v 1.59 
It has a price though: The far background may become distorted with this toolo on.
Multiplio  [autor] 22. lis. 2019 v 12.57 
You'll need the camera tool enabled to zoom in any further than default
Multiplio  [autor] 22. lis. 2019 v 12.56 
carola.paepke 22. lis. 2019 v 5.44 
I can´t zoom in closer. But I don´t know why. Can anybody help?
xxMVG_Fan8xx 22. lis. 2019 v 5.05 
Hello. I have a question. How did you do the station name thing?

Thx for reply in advance
Tom Cwuith 19. lis. 2019 v 8.15 
I've tried this a few times with different assets, and it seems to cause clipping on workshop assets. Not sure about Urban Games assets
CHSV-Justiin 18. lis. 2019 v 2.19 
@samantha DBAG Class 430