Blooming - Dota 2 Short Film Contest 2019 Entry
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"What does a hero truly need?
Maybe it's just a bunch of blooming flowers.

One for all, all for one.
Hope we play game like this,
Support each other
Enjoy game without flame.

That's how it supposed to be : )"
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Headi 14. srp. v 11.47 
Really good :) but can`t vote. (even though im missing the greant finaly , maybe you just do it later :D)
JaneConstantino 13. srp. v 16.34 
I can't vote either.... gg
Sigma,Lickma,Grabma 11. srp. v 19.54 
i can't vote
Max 10. srp. v 7.10 
i am not able to vote wtf
JusT1c 7. srp. v 8.59 
和平精英  [autor] 7. srp. v 8.49 
The voting system seems has some bug, hope Valve will fix it soon,thanks everyone who tried to vote for me~:d2invoker::lunar2019grinningpig:
JusT1c 7. srp. v 8.35 
我朋友说他好了 7. srp. v 4.31 
922 7. srp. v 3.44