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Firewatch real time day/night cycle
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Firewatch real time day/night cycle

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Real time Firewatch wallpaper that changes the day/night cycle as the day progresses.

This wallpaper includes features such as:
  • A background that changes every 15 minutes to simulate real life day/night cycle accordingly. The wallpaper consists of 96 images. You can choose between 2 background types; the firewatch lake and the firewatch watchtower.
  • Slight particles effect in the background.
  • Clock - both 24 hour and 12 hour support and support for country specific date translations.
  • Current weather temperature (both celsius and fahrenheit support). The temperature updates every third hour. Remember to enter your own location/city when the wallpaper has been downloaded. This feature has to be enabled in the settings.
  • Firewatch's prologue song playing in the background (can be enabled/disabled).

Source - lake theme: http://louie.co.nz/25th_hour/
Source - watchtower theme: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1059450186
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† Daniel †
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mallnibba 13. lis. v 5.51 
Amazing. I like the background choices.
† Daniel †  [autor] 7. lis. v 10.10 
Hi again pBinarySoul,

Thanks for your response.

I wasn't able to reproduce the bug with your current settings on my system. However, I did make a change to the code that MIGHT fix your problem (although I can't be certain since I couldn't trigger the bug in the first place). Please resubscribe to get the newest version of the wallpaper :-)

I will try and use your settings for a little while just to see if the bug occurs in the future.

Please reply if this issue still happens or has been fixed :-)
pBinarySoul 6. lis. v 21.32 
The settings are here [pastebin.com]
† Daniel †  [autor] 6. lis. v 10.03 
pBinarySoul: Strange. The bug doesn't trigger on my part.

Could you send me your current settings? They can be found under "Share JSON" on the sidebar to the right. I have linked an image to show where the button is located (marked with green): https://prnt.sc/ptd5nn

Click the button and copy & paste the preset data to me. I'll try and play around with your settings to see if this bug occurs on my end.
pBinarySoul 6. lis. v 9.36 
Of course it's unchecked.
† Daniel †  [autor] 6. lis. v 9.14 
Hello pBinarySoul,

Is the "Enable audio" box checked or unchecked in the settings when this issue occurs?
pBinarySoul 6. lis. v 6.10 
Please delete or fix music. Sometimes after I minimize fullscreen app the music starts play and I can't do anything to stop it.
† Daniel †  [autor] 20. říj. v 1.47 
Hello JD,

Could you possibly link me to a video of this in 4K? I'll need an entire video showing a day/night go by in order to be able to convert it to a wallpaper.
JD 19. říj. v 18.47 
Awesome WP. Would really love a 4K version soon.. There are 4K versions of these stills coming up now.
Erilson 18. říj. v 10.49