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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Additional Emotes
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30. říj. 2018 v 5.03
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Additional Emotes

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Mod ID: 1551907938
Type: Stackable

If you like my mod, please

Step up your emote game to the next level

- Includes all standard Ark emotes plus 56 custom ones
- Much easier/faster emote handling
- Sit/Lay everywhere
- 12 dances
- Jumping Jack and PushUps
- A lot of gestures and stances
- 3 seating styles (Chair, Bench)

Additional Emotes adds two consumables to the game.
EmoteDrink and AntiEmoteDrink
Engram Requirements: Lvl 20 Points 0
SpawnCodes and Engram Overrides

Upon consuming the EmoteDrink, the player recieves a permanent buff.
This buff gives access to a new EmoteMenu. You can navigate in the menu, with the Numpad0-9 keys.
1. Open one of the 9 EmoteMenus by pressing Numpad1-9.
2. Play one of the 9 emotes shown by pressing Numpad1-9 again.
Numpad0 = Close EmoteMenu/Repeat last emote/Stop stance
Attention! You can't use the numpad for your TamingGroup selection, when the buff is active.
Consume the AntiEmoteDrink to remove the buff.
There is no Numpad on my keyboard, what can i do?

EmoteDatabase and custom emote mappings
LeftClick any EmoteHotkey to show the EmoteDatabase.
It is possible to play any emote from the database with LeftClick, or assign it to the currently activated EmoteHotkey with RightClick.

AdminMode and EmotePresets Click

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License. []

Join my Discord, if you're interested in what's coming up, or need faster support.

Check out my first mod
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Počet komentářů: 136
Samdragontear 28. dub. v 13.45 
A YouTube video featuring this mod!
xLanttu 20. dub. v 4.06 
this mod just crashes my game and i cant play on my faforite mod becouse of it
Samdragontear 4. dub. v 9.15 
Just had a random thought. It would be awesome if some of the emotes were just facial expressions... I get tired of having resting bitch face all the time.
GamertronBaba 29. bře. v 14.24 
This has become one of my top three favorite mods! SO much personality added to the game and the numpad mechanic makes expression MUCH more accessible and quick. I see no reason why this shouldn't become a standard part of the official game. Its light and simple and works flawlessly. Excellent work!
Dzieciszcze 27. úno. v 13.25 
@reinerSCT, thank you for your reply.
Yes, we play on non-dedicated server.

However, we used to play on Ragnarok few weeks ago (also private one - basically, the same server but with different map) and all emotes worked fine until Wildcard released one of their "fixes". If I remember correctly, it was a patch which changed keys binding for dinos' whistles and gamma (patch v 289.100, released Jan 16). After that, even on Ragnarok all emotes stopped working.
reinerSCT  [autor] 27. úno. v 2.56 
@Dzieciszcze Do you guys play on a non-dedicated server, hosted by one of you?
Are you able to assign emotes through the database, when the fields are empty?

The only way i can recreate a non-dedicated game with multiple clients is in the DevKit itself. I tested it with 4 connected players and everything works fine there.
Dzieciszcze 25. úno. v 12.06 
Unfortunately, game still crashes all players from the server when using Emotes Drinks.
Additionally, emotes don't work (clicking on NumPad shows the Emotes' menu, but there are no animations). :(
We play on The Center (private server).
reinerSCT  [autor] 3. úno. v 5.15 
@GetOverHereBETCH I have a fix ready for this bug, need to find time to cook and upload the mod. I hope this will happen early next week. :steamhappy:
Dagur The Deranged 1. úno. v 21.54 
On Non-dedicated sessions, If a connected player other than the host consumes the potion that gives the ability to use the specialized emotes causes the game's host to crash. Tested on Extinction. Unsure if it's an issue with other maps.
reinerSCT  [autor] 24. led. v 11.29 
@yanickdeboy There are already nine dances included.