War for the Overworld

War for the Overworld

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True Mystical Journey. Enhanced Edition.
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True Mystical Journey. Enhanced Edition.

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You are fresh Underlord named Tayriel who was summoned by Chaos Lord himself for his plan to train the Ultimate Underlord. Fight against other Underlords and learn new skills and tricks which will help you progress further. Prove Chaos Lord that you are the best!

25 levels of Fun and Challenge. Good Luck!
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Počet komentářů: 72
Green.Sliche  [autor] 21. říj. v 12.56 
Yes, I also have access to beta builds and closed stuff. It's well known that 2.0.7 version editor is very broken at moment but no update will arrive yet since devs are busy working on their next game and there's no patch ETA yet.

Because of that, I'm very careful when it comes to using Editor and updating my content. Quite often, I have to repair my own maps because they get corrupted during load, making a simple change hours worth of work. Basically working in editor right now is quite painful and should be minimized as much as possible.
Dorfs 21. říj. v 12.51 
Interesting. Did not know about that about the stability of the editor. Usually the devs are very responsive in discord. Have you talked to them there already?
Green.Sliche  [autor] 21. říj. v 10.32 
To be fair, I wouldn't deny myself the pleasure of playing campaign for this reason. Also due to how unstable current version of WFTO's editor is, I tend to do massive patching less frequent, which means it may take too much time before I release one for this campaign. I often hesitate to touch WFTO's editor because it tends to break levels far too often. Simply speaking, unless something urgent is reported, I'd choose to wait for dev patch which will bring WFTO's editor to somewhat-stable state first.
Dorfs 21. říj. v 9.26 
>Regarding black fog of war, it could indeed be optional, though I'm not sure if it will work well, it needs to be tested. I will consider including this in next patch for this campaign.

Awesome. I will wait to complete the campagne for this. :>
Green.Sliche  [autor] 20. říj. v 11.16 
At later stages of campaign they will have more gold options. It's at early levels where they actually have to go for gold themselves. It could also be related to difficulty of AI, meaning that at levels before 11, their difficulty is set to medium. Even if you choose Very Hard Mode at start, their difficulty will still remain at medium. Later levels feature Hard and Master AI difficulties.

Regarding black fog of war, it could indeed be optional, though I'm not sure if it will work well, it needs to be tested. I will consider including this in next patch for this campaign.
Dorfs 20. říj. v 11.07 
Oh also in some maps your AI dries up a lot because they do not have acess to a gold shrine. To prevent this there could be a gold shrine added to maps that take longer. (DK1 did the same)
Dorfs 20. říj. v 11.06 
Could you have the map reveal optional? Maybe like added to the difficulty pick? I sometiems even play with black wall mode in which you constantly need to scout because the darkness is covering all the map again. It adds a lot immersion. :) Also i like challenges.
Green.Sliche  [autor] 19. říj. v 11.53 
Map is covered by grey fog of war. It was left like this because black fog of war proved to be too challenging.

I suppose it can be reactivated with mutators or god mode once the level has been completed.
Dorfs 19. říj. v 9.23 
Nice campange so far. But is there a way to disable the revealed map? it kinda kills the immersion.
Green.Sliche  [autor] 14. srp. v 7.01 
Upgraded current version to Enhanced Edition.

1. Redesigned and tweaked every level. Some received visual improvements. Every level got content changes.
2. Fixed visual errors missed during previous revision.

Introducing Brand New 4 Stages of Difficulty. You can choose between Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard. Pick one you are comfortable with at the start of the match and enjoy.