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VP Wood Office Desk
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Type: Furniture
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8. dub. 2018 v 14.56
13. srp. 2018 v 14.29
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VP Wood Office Desk

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V 1 kolekci od uživatele mistergreen
VP Office Design
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Updated and rebalanced corner desk. Includes mirrored desk and proper positions.

Made for alpha 10. Alpha 9 might have texture issues due to new modding featues in alpha 10.
Please restart game and let steam update mods after updates to mods.

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31. kvě. 2018 v 15.21
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Wild Child [RUS] CSGO500 25. úno. v 9.49 
mistergreen  [autor] 13. srp. 2018 v 14.30 
Fixed some shading problems now that I learned how to :) see pics
mistergreen  [autor] 3. čvn. 2018 v 13.16 
I just tested it and it seems to work fine. Let me know how I can reproduce the error and we can work to fix it :)

(check out the screenshot)
[img] [/img]
mistergreen  [autor] 3. čvn. 2018 v 13.11 
Shouldnt need to. The chair might be in the wrong spot. There are two chair spots for the two sides of the desk you can place a worker on. I will try and update it tonight so it doesnt matter where your chair is. Try the different spot first and look for an update as I try and fix the issue :) Thanks for your feedback mate
sander0711 2. čvn. 2018 v 9.59 
for some reason i now get this computer needs a chair to work.
but it has chair next to it. do i need to replace all the desks?
VernerDemon3010 1. čvn. 2018 v 1.17 
It well i do when i get time
mistergreen  [autor] 31. kvě. 2018 v 15.14 
Updated the desk for aura balance and fixed size for better position near walls. Check it out and please leave feedback. You know I read it :)
VernerDemon3010 9. kvě. 2018 v 0.06 
You're welcome
mistergreen  [autor] 8. kvě. 2018 v 10.24 
Thanks for your support Verner_Misser
VernerDemon3010 4. kvě. 2018 v 13.02 
continue working your do realy good ithink i like your work with the mods: