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Magic the Gathering: Deck Building 2.0
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14. led. 2018 v 11.39
5. kvě. 2018 v 5.52
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Magic the Gathering: Deck Building 2.0

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Počet komentářů: 48
Deus Vult  [autor] 3. zář. 2018 v 12.29 
It appears to me that many of you fine gentlemen have failed to read the description or understand its content. If you may be so kind as to read the description, you will see, that my skills are merely limited to include these different sets in this conglomeration of sets. So if there are problems with the cards, I am the wrong person to talk to. You will have to message the people that I've linked in the description.

Thank you for your attention!
Squeakcab 1. zář. 2018 v 12.08 
How do we remove the card back image when in hand. We mixed the arabian nights from your mod with unlimited from another and your cards stand out like sore thumbs since they display different card backs while in hand.
Cepherous 22. srp. 2018 v 10.26 
The table image asset at is no longer available so the table does not look correct any longer. If it had not already been reported. :dustpan:
RhymesWth 20. srp. 2018 v 16.58 
idea: add a mechanic where you can choose a set to grab a pack from, and open it.
i want to draft
Count Leopold 29. čvc. 2018 v 21.10 
Any plans to update this to include Core 2019, or Battlebond? If you're looking for help I would be glad to. :)
SquigglySquwooshy 22. čvc. 2018 v 19.40 
love the mod thanks for the hard work! found these out that cards were missing: Adriana, captain of the guard | palace sentinels | custodi soulcaller | Hanweir Garrison
twillightwolf 13. čvc. 2018 v 17.56 
u would have to make a container for it andplace it in and save the container
and then just import it as u need it
Maquard 12. čvc. 2018 v 7.05 

Got a Question... how can i save a Deck and how and where ill can put it in to Play it?
Jortle 9. čvc. 2018 v 22.23 
Also missing Ragavan token in Ather Revolt.