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The Unbreakable Mod (Discontinued)
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14 дек. 2016 в 14:43
29 май 2018 в 12:34
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The Unbreakable Mod (Discontinued)

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Hislords Server
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Current Update: 1.4.0 (See Last Patch Notes)
Mod ID: 818388496

-=-=-=-=-=-=-UPDATED 2018 NEWS -=-=-=-=-=-=-

Unfortunatly this mod is coming to an end long term. I have fixed 2 big bugs i have found and now unfortunatly this is the end for this mod for a long time
I'd like to thank all the support i have had on this mod and i wish everyone all the best in their futures!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-UPDATED 2018 NEWS -=-=-=-=-=-=-

A mod that adds a crafting table and unbreakable items. They are harder than the equivalent items to craft but they do NOT break

Will take any suggestions for further additions to the mod and if I feel they suit the mod I will consider adding it in a near update

To do list

Next Update:
Please give me some ideas of what you think would be a good addition to this mod (kinda running out of ideas)

Both the Torpor Arrow and the X Arrow can be configured via the Gameusersettings.ini to do this use the info below and change the values to what you would like


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This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]
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17 февр. 2017 в 6:49
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11 ян. 2017 в 1:45
Bug Reports
14 дек. 2016 в 15:03
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44 коментара
twitch/Alphaded  [автор] 1 апр. 2018 в 2:45 
Happy to hear that buddie. And after i've finished my issues with my Wolfpack mod i do plan on going back to this mod. So if you have any ideas for this mod that would be awesome :)
Zeelot 31 март 2018 в 14:22 
Still one of my most used Mods on Ark, even if it isn't updated anymore.
Shedar 8 юли 2017 в 6:28 
rafts please
Surviva777 18 март 2017 в 21:19 
twitch/Alphaded  [автор] 18 март 2017 в 10:43 
Thanks man. I have taken a step back from this mods progress though as rub out of ideas and concentrating on my Digimon mod really at the moment which is a big mod. But thanks for your support mate I really appreciate it
Surviva777 18 март 2017 в 3:47 
I tried loading Ark without the mod, and with other mods, and it loaded, but when I tried loading it with this mod again, it crashed, so I'm sorry to say, it is because of this specific mod. I checked the amount of space it has, and it has a lot, which is proabably why my computer can't handle it, cause of too much space. It's a big pity that it doesn't work for me, because it looks like a really great mod, that's why I subscribed to it. But it's probably just me, though, cause I'm the only one that has had this problem so far. But great job with the mod, though, anyway, it really does look like a great mod.
twitch/Alphaded  [автор] 18 март 2017 в 2:50 
Mods won't cause computers to crash. And nobody else has reported errors with this mod i.e crashes. If you're running the mod on a server try turning "Auto Update Mods" off. And if you're playing Single Player try testing just the mod itself as this mod could conflict with certain types of mods. But this is first ever reported I've had that it causes computers to crash or even ark to crash for that matter. So for that reason, I highly doubt it's this mod causing it
Surviva777 18 март 2017 в 2:42 
This mod doesn't work for me, it caused my computer to crash over and over again, no matter how many times I tried to load Ark. That's really annoying
XYZ 10 март 2017 в 20:10 
yeah i realised lol
twitch/Alphaded  [автор] 10 март 2017 в 14:20 
@smalls you make it lol :P