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Minigame - Bouncing Bomb (V2.5) [REUPLOAD]
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Game Mode: Custom
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16 авг. 2016 в 6:10
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Minigame - Bouncing Bomb (V2.5) [REUPLOAD]



- Replace the USP by the MAC10
- Replaced the USP on the conveyor map by a NOVA


- Added random special rounds.
- Removed lower edges.
- Tweaked Bomb's physic.

What is this gamemode?

In this minigame you have to blow up the enemy team by pushing the bomb in their base, when the timer of the team reachs 0, the bomb explodes.

How to play?

- First of all, play with friends, bots aren't supported
- A bomb will spawn at the center of the map, and will get pushed in a random direction
- Using your gun, push the bomb toward the enemy zone
- The bomb consumes the timer of the team it is in.
- When the timer is depleted, the bomb explodes

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26 коментара
my instagram: den1ss.k 22 май 2018 в 8:06 
خواك 20 юни 2017 в 10:16 
use awp
SchezlyGOD 29 май 2017 в 3:18 
use p90
strashnaya_ebaka 14 ян. 2017 в 3:25 
✪ aLpeR 16 дек. 2016 в 13:02 
fuck your map -
Nash 1 ноем. 2016 в 21:08 
wont let us choose opposite sides
W1zZaN 31 окт. 2016 в 10:58 
How do I get the special round?
ExspektoPatronum 25 септ. 2016 в 10:18 
nasil yüklüyoz
papa 11 септ. 2016 в 13:45 
fucking shit
Hevii 27 авг. 2016 в 12:19 
The bomb barely ever moves even when you hit it.