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Kronos' Trade Center v1.22 (WIP)
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18 ян. 2016 в 3:31
14 юни 2016 в 18:31
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Kronos' Trade Center v1.22 (WIP)

MOD ID: 603370998

Tribe Elysium has come to the island in search of trade opportunities.

This mod adds a variety of craftable smithy variants that act as a trade shop. The inventory consists of an almost complete representation of existing resources as well as many custom structures and environment assets.

The Economy within this mod is currently under reconstruction and is being formatted to fit vanilla gameplay by default. Additional INI file options will be added to allow servers to customize prices for different gather rates. Please feel free to leave any feedback suggestions or crazy ideas you would like to see.

Current Version v1.22

- DM's switched to basic table to reduce file size from 926MB to 555MB

Upcoming Additions

- Water Wheel and Windmill Additional Utilities
- Arms and Armor Stall
- Fish Trap

A Little Further Out

- Utility Shop (darts, ammo, narqs, fert)
- Sculptist / Statues
- Area coverings
- Storage Containers
- Signal Fires
- Ongoing texturing / animation / economy balancing

Custom Trade Stall v1.21 in test version
*known to be bugged such that non-owners cannot use the trade feature: Working on fix*

- spawn item via
Cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/TradeCenter/TEST/PersonalShop/PrimalItemStructure_CustomTrade.PrimalItemStructure_CustomTrade'" 1 1 0
-place a "note" with the amount you want your item to be sold at in stall inventory slot 1
-slot 2 will need to be the item you want to be sold, then fill the rest of your shop with the inventory
-qty to be sold can be cycled from multi use radial (1,5,10,25,50,100) and the price will be for what ever the qty is set to (not the individual pieces)
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PapaSchlumpf0204 24 ян. 2019 в 15:58 
hey leute wie habt ihr das den gespawnt um das zu bauen finde es nirgends will mein server mit dem shop aufbauen
bitte um hilfe danke
Fa1rHand 6 ноем. 2018 в 1:58 
Hey guys is ther comming a update ?????? plz do it, nice mod, and i will love to see the fish trap ;) plz update
snowman0269 3 юни 2018 в 4:56 
Nikki, you have to use the Sell Table. You use extra resources to get knots in that table (like wood, chitin, stone, etc). Hope that helps!
Nikki 15 апр. 2018 в 4:39 
How do u get the knot please? no idea how to get them, no instructions.
Skywalker 12 апр. 2018 в 9:25 
Pls an update? Specialy the Egg Shop.There are a lot of new Dino's. We realy love this mod. It is nice to work and trade, sell stuff. Not like the Kibble table or AA cauldron. For us to OP. This is realy nice.
Sweet Briana 💋™ 22 ян. 2018 в 6:27 
♫Infinit[Arizona].™ 21 ян. 2018 в 17:05 
Server Config? :)
drmskr 12 авг. 2017 в 20:16 
Oh, as well as, not infinite resources, but rely on resources sold to the market.
drmskr 12 авг. 2017 в 20:15 
Any chance on NPC's behind the table for doing trades, instead of just tables? I would like to set up a market place, that LOOKS like a marketplace.
╭∩╮(︶︿︶) BhangKi╭ 27 юли 2017 в 20:38 
the shops can work with GloryCoins_,