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Supreme Grants Collection Mod V2
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1 юли 2015 в 10:32
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Supreme Grants Collection Mod V2

Old Version:
A few more Grants for a better experience creating prisons at Prison Architect.
Now fully compatible with alpha 34.

It adds:
Basic Population
Big Population
Very Big Population
Huge Population
Enormous Population
Hire A Police Force
Hire A Big Police Force
Hire a Huge Police Force
Your Prison Is Safe
Rescue Fund
High Tech Security System
Last Tech Security System
Remote Prison
Worried About Nature
Worried About Global Warming
Worried About Oxygen
Clean Outside
Beautiful Garden
Keep Your Floor Clean
Keep Your Floor Transparent As Water
Clean Clothes Happy Prisoners
More Clothes, More Work To Clean

Soon will be added more grants :D

Thanks to all of you :D

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11 апр. в 15:40
18 юли 2015 в 5:27
Problems or Doubts
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[7BOW] WOJTEK885 22 апр. в 4:17 
Anyone knows how to fix the bug with Cell Blocks? Even when I have more space for prisoners it doesn't count as I'm using double beds, only when I place normal ones it starts counting.
Maxs216 2 септ. 2018 в 14:08 
anyone 2018 working?
TyphoonNL 25 дек. 2015 в 4:47 
to fix the Last Tech Security System bug, goto c:\users\(your useraccount)\\AppData\Local\Introversion\Prison Architect\mods\473179925\data and open grants.lua, in that file search for: Objective.SetPreRequisite ( "Completed", "Grant_High_Tech_Security_System2", 1 )
it is around line 517
and change the "Grant_High_Tech_Security_System2" into "Grant_High_Tech_Security_System",

that way it will fix it
Remmie 4 ноем. 2015 в 20:50 
Last tech is bugged. It requires itself and so never unlocks. Making remote prison undoable too.
[yep]Thmyris 20 окт. 2015 в 6:57 
does it work on v1.0 release ?
TheBlizWiz 14 окт. 2015 в 17:17 
You CAN still actually use the old version, you just have to install the mediafire and drop it in the Prison Architect folder...
Aionion 8 окт. 2015 в 19:26 
Working with gold release (1.0)?
Ivellios 27 авг. 2015 в 7:17 
Were you able to fix what was causing the crash with the old one, or did you fix it, but decided to do a V2 anyways?

Thanks for using the prerequisite and hidden functions now. The grant screen is a lot less cluttered. I've actually learned how to do those functions, and edited it on my HD for that very reason. Hated seeing (for example) Enormous Population grant, while I still needed to do the Basic Population one. Of course, whenever you were to update it, it would auto dl the new version and I'd have to go back in to "fix it."

Of course, you definately want to make sure the grant functions correctly, before you go hidden. As noted on the 'Problems' page: Last Tech Security System, is a good reason why.
AzeBlue (Real One) 21 юли 2015 в 8:46 
You should add a grant/contract called ''Prison Arming'' goal:have a armory,and have 10 or more armed gaurds
Screw my life 8 юли 2015 в 11:05 
What about intake? so like Recive all max sec e.x.?