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Melinda on the Map
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Melinda on the Map

Places the Sect of Kryl-Feijan event on the map as a zone entrance rather than an undetectable encounter.

TE4 forum discussion thread for this addon[forums.te4.org]
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13 коментара
ThatWhichIsMe  [автор] 15 март 2019 в 17:23 
@FlowingLily: It's worked in all my tests so far. The required-version listed in the Addons dialog is a minimum.
AnalogRain 23 февр. 2019 в 20:37 
Will this addon ever be up to date/does it work with the current version?
ThatWhichIsMe  [автор] 25 ноем. 2015 в 14:02 
@Hypsicratea: No, that part doesn't change; that would probably seriously mess up the quest handling for this quest.
Caerold 21 май 2015 в 0:42 
No worries. Glad I could point out something that was overlooked. Thanks for taking the time to look into it and update.
ThatWhichIsMe  [автор] 20 май 2015 в 19:08 
[sound F/X: source diving] ... [sound F/X: forehead repeatedly striking desk] I swear I thought the game engine code checked for that... @caerold: No, Sludgenest and the Volcanic caldera have fixed locations for their zone entrances and don't use the main encounter spot list; that was entirely my stupid mistake. I don't think there's any way to bring back your Hidden compound entrance, sorry; the latest release, at least, should prevent it from happening again.
Caerold 17 май 2015 в 0:06 
Looks like this might have been a conflict with "Extra Dungeons" (ensures caldera and sludge on all characters) -- I wonder if it's a case of more side quests existing than predefined sidequest entrances?
Caerold 17 май 2015 в 0:01 
Unfortunately this caused the crypt entrance to OVERWRITE the Hidden Compound (Circle of Blood) entrance when I exited Daikara at level 25. There doesn't appear to be sufficient protection to prevent overwriting existing quest locations -- I guess I'm just lucky it didn't do in a more interesting side quest. Note that I had located the entrance before this but not entered the compound when this occurred.
ThatWhichIsMe  [автор] 16 май 2015 в 19:04 
@Xafron Chi: Mods installed via Steam or from te4.org are considered "official", and do not prevent getting achievements. And I've just uploaded an addon that provides similar treatment for the Lost Merchant quest.
Guteck 27 апр. 2015 в 9:53 
Yup. Exactly that one.
Lynn 28 март 2015 в 18:53 
This is that dungeon where the elven cultists try to sacrafice that lady ?