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Crunch Time!
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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Spanish
Players: Single-player
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14 авг. 2014 в 2:15
26 ян. 2016 в 19:42

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New languages available!
Thank you everyone!
Дата на излизане: Agosto 2014

Crunch Time! is a card game with a touch of humour, based on videogame development, in which you'll have to manage your own company, and complete the best and biggest projects before your opponent.

Cards will help you on your way: developers of all departments, positive cards to help you work faster; errors and problems to slow your opponent down; and much more which you'll discover as you play.
  • More than 100 unique cards!
  • Complete the 28 available projects!
  • Break into the bestselling top 10!
  • Discover how a videogame is really developed!

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148 коментара
Klumb3r 27 дек. 2018 в 9:40 
David, ¿por qué este juego ya no está a la venta?
Mygaffer 25 март 2017 в 1:16 
Did you really not only remove the game from steam but remove the install files, so that people who have purchased the game can no longer play it? That is heinous!
David Teruel  [автор] 2 ян. 2015 в 15:40 
It's already in steam!

Hippyshake 30 дек. 2014 в 11:04 
Congrats! I can't wait to see this in my Steam library! :)
GamerSinTiempo 27 дек. 2014 в 20:03 
Fantástico juego!
Yskar 24 дек. 2014 в 15:09 
Very interesting game.
Why don't open for the Workshop so Brazilians like me can translate the game to Portuguese Brazilian?

New cards and other mod things would be great too.
Ba Dum Tss 23 дек. 2014 в 3:31 
Nice game, voted and good luck
vEK 22 дек. 2014 в 16:01 
Tiene buena pinta! Voto :D
Ulki 22 дек. 2014 в 15:42 
voted! ;) LOOKS AWESOME!
TheCodeWarrior 22 дек. 2014 в 15:29 
Just bought the game. Lot of fun. Hoping it get greenlight. Needs multiplayer,lan and wan to play with friends. Love the fact you support linux. add steam workshop and let people build projects and cards and other things this would be freaking awesome. Add tons of steam trading cards. Can you tell I am really excited about this game ! Needs a startup screen so you can pick tutorial, I know its there but it wasn't blinding obvious. I play several games before I saw it :P great game keep up the good work. Will recommend.