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Number of Players: 3, 4, 4+
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Please purchase a physical retail copy of this game if you happen to enjoy it! I do not own any rights to this game.

Koehandel (FR: Tope-la! / Boursicocotte, DE: Kuhhandel, EN: You're Bluffing!) is a card-based trading game for three to five persons, where players win by collecting the most valuable animals.

This is the Dutch retail edition published by Ravensburger. Game design by Rüdiger Koltze. Illustrations by Trevor Dunton.

I scanned all images of the Dutch retail edition and made an extra question mark card for when a player holds money in his hand. I prepared the game for four players, but it can be played by three to five persons. There is scripting for game setup and cash distribution for when a donkey is drawn.
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2 коментара
Soatyk Oneitis 15 май 2017 в 11:22 
Thank you for the Mod! :)
deepblue 8 ян. 2017 в 19:27 
How can I install this to play? Where can I see the link to download the mod?
Can you update the rulebook pdf link ? its not working.