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M1911 Pistols (L4D1)
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M1911 Pistols (L4D1)

replaces the pistol (obviously)

+ Custom Sounds
- looks kind of ugly with custom models nothing we can do about that
+ Arby26's CZ85 Pistols animations
+ does not go shiny in the dark (Fixed)
+ (flashlight) the light will be the correct spot where is the flashlight attachment is
+ can be used in high Fov Like 50-60-70
+ there may be other mods like this but this one is an improvement
+ version 1.4

where I got the model - https://p3dm.ru/files/weapon/pistols/632-dual-pistol-1911-.html

I got the model from the website but was missing and magazine clip model and textures I took the magazine clip from - Acrias's - Left 4 Dead 1 pistols on Left 4 Dead 2 animations - you can find it here - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=352359420

if you want some history about the M1911 - https://www.browning.com/news/articles/history-of-the-1911-pistol.html

+Model/Textures - Turtle Rock Studios / Valve
+Animations - arby26
+Sounds - RE2 Remake Browning Hi-Power sounds created by Иavaяо
+Compiling - Praetorian
+magazine clip/Textures - Acrias
+rigging/Port - Me
+Fixed Some glitches - Praetorian (fixing them by playing on another account)
+glitches/bugs tester - Silvinia / Me

these are for people who want Left 4 Dead 1 sounds
click this link [www.gamemaps.com]
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25 коментара
Jacket Navideño 13 ноем. в 3:34 
thx bro
Scorcher  [автор] 12 ноем. в 22:30 
that's the link to the HUD I'm using
Scorcher  [автор] 12 ноем. в 22:29 
click this -> link
Jacket Navideño 12 ноем. в 18:11 
can you pass me the hud please
Scorcher  [автор] 12 ноем. в 16:57 
please check the description for the version with Left 4 Dead 1 sounds
Frale00 9 ноем. в 10:15 
what happen to the fire sound?! is not the l4d1 pistol sounds:steamfacepalm:
Scorcher  [автор] 1 авг. в 22:37 
thank you for bringing this to my attention looks like it got taken care of already
Gimmeh Jibbs! 1 авг. в 20:23 
So's you know, someone has re-uploaded the GameMaps mod. You can find that here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1822323903&searchtext=

Respond how you choose, I just wanted you to know.
Scorcher  [автор] 30 юли в 7:00 
@Bianca https://www.gamemaps.com/details/21551

that's the version that has the sound you like or the original sounds
Scorcher  [автор] 30 юли в 6:22 
I know it was stupid when I told them to delete it well I did make what you wanted but I can't update for some reason