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Orient vs Occident Beta


What if Genghis Khan died before he united Mongols?

Many people and many works have imagined this question, and our Orient vs Occident (OvO) is no exception. What's different is that, the bizarre OvO world begins with this assumption, but does not end with it. In addition to putting together the fragments of history, OvO has put forward more and bolder assumptions, including some shocking words:

- What if East Asian countries could get rid of the shadow of the Central Empire and start their own development path?
- What if China and Japan could join the Great Geographical Discovery?
- What if there is another religion rising and challenging the status of Islam in the world?
- What if Muslims could have a place in the new world?
- What if the rising power in Eastern Europe is not Russia but another nation?
- ...

If you're interested in any of these assumptions, OvO may be the answer you're looking for.


- New map of better projection and Pacific centered
- About 360 new provinces, mainly in China
- Many new countries around the entire Old World
- New religions and cultures
- Modified system mechanisms, aiming to be more realistic and less unbalanced in the game
- Remade trade nodes and trade routes
- New institutions and modified old institutions


- Due to the special form of the map, Random New World is not available.
- Do NOT mix this mod and any other graphical mod.
- This is an alternative timeline with over 200 years of fictional history. Reading bookmark descriptions in game can help you understand the scenario. Any opinions of the timeline are welcome.
- This is just a beta of the mod. You may find many things incomplete, which will be completed sooner or later.
- This mod uses some flag and icon material from other mods. A list is included in the mod to show which material is from where. If there's any dispute over the right to use, please contact me.

Visit our group:

- Discord:

All feedback, opinions and criticisms are welcome.
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48 коментара
Mikus  [автор] 3 ноем. в 11:12 
1. Serious institution penalty is a basic policy to describe the gap between modernized Europe and the rest of the world. It won't be changed. I'm trying to modify old mechanisms to make player have more thing to do other than conquest, like putting more buildings to early game and making them more worth to be built.
2. In the next update I'll introduce the dynamic corruption mechanism to stabilize corruption at a fixed value rather than increasing it indefinitely. This should help solve the problem of corruption.
3. I'm so sorry that I made the huge mistake that ports provide global settler increase. They should be local settler increase. The next update will fix this problem. In general, boosting colonization is necessary - at least you should make the cost of colonizing a province less than seizing it from another country who colonized it, otherwise no one will be willing to colonize.
nikhil.murthy3 2 ноем. в 21:13 
I liked the mod but there were some aspects that made it feel real bad.
1. Institution penalty at the start is way too high for tech groups outside of europe or east asia. It makes the early game incredibly boring as you have nothing to do besides conquest as you await you ideas.
2. The corruption penalty is incredibly high, making it feel bad when you gain provinces. I know you want to limit snowballing, but this makes a military strategy unviable. Together with the point #1 this makes the early game completely meaningless. Consider longer core times, or seperation penalties (duration and # of rebels).
3. Colonization is broken. You do not need all those bonus settlers. I understand that corruption limits the rate of expansion, but colonies should not be be so easy to obtain. The default mechanism works just fine, and I suggest reverting back.
Mikus  [автор] 16 окт. в 17:04 
3. Corruption from Development is an ultimate means to prevent a snowball. With this you can only limit your territory to an appropriate degree and turn your mind to the development of internal affairs. It's an important policy because I think this game should not be just a map drawing game. Many people have reported to me that this penalty is too severe so I'm considering to change it to another form like Too Many Territories. I once tried to increase the maximum of rooting out corruption, but that may confuse AI nations since they always drag the slider bar on a fixed position. I will try to adjust the value if necessary.

4. A Celestial Government... Tbh I think the vanilla Empire of China mechanism is meaningless except that blocking the stupid Ming from expansion. The 1.29 update brings it more value, but those negative events & disasters are really malignant. It needs to be completely renovated before enabled in the mod.
Mikus  [автор] 16 окт. в 17:04 
2. In the outline, institutions in east Asia will automatically spread in a Confucian country with low Conservatism Level - renamed from Isolationism Level - and the particular incident happened. This is a mechanism to describe Chinese nations would accept the social change or not. These incidents are the core of the mod in a sense, so I take them very serious and write them very slow. In the next update I'll add the auto spreading of University and Renaissance.
Mikus  [автор] 16 окт. в 17:03 
Thank you for liking this mod. Here are some answers for your questions:

1. Costing prosperity when developing province is a measure to prevent you to accumulate monarch points and develop your province to a exaggerated value, especially when you are a New World/African country with serious tech penalty and thus you abandon to improve your tech. This measure limits that you can only develop your province with a relatively low frequency so that you cannot make your tribe to a 30-development metropolis in a short time. I don't really like it since it totally blocked developing territories but I haven't found a better alternative for the time being.
Orgamina 16 окт. в 6:45 
11.) For China it would also be cool to have the Option to Reform the Celestial Government. I imagine the prerequisits be somthing like:
Own Canton, Bejing and Nanjing
Chinese Culture or Yuan or Qing
Empire Rank
10 Tributaries
Completly own 2 of the Chinese Regions (Subjects allowed but not Tributaries)

And you Get:
For the next 20 Years +0.1 monthly mandate
Diplo-Rep. (?)
Unify China CB (and maybe Permaclaims aswell)
Orgamina 16 окт. в 6:41 
...The hope I have (and I will come back here and Comment on that if it is that way, is, that a loading screen Tip said, that absolutism no longer gave Admin Efficency (problematic but hey, maybe coring costs late game will be managable with the reduce to the base cost) but insted other boni. I really hope there is somthing about Corruption there which would make thematical sense. If not I recommend allowing for Routing out Corruption to go up to -25 per year but get exponentially more Expensive so one can theoretically do a world conquest. Or put in some Decisions which which have really high prerequisits but reduce the Corruption from development Drastically. It also doesnt Cap, I tested that my annexing all of China with console Commands.
Orgamina 16 окт. в 6:41 
...10.) What is that Corruption???? The only Part of the mod which I really dont like is the new Corruption Modifier called "Corruption from Developement". It may be realistic and lead to fewer megablobs but hell its impossible to deal with. And I mean literally impossible. Every 1000 Developement mean 1 Yearly Corruption. So an Empire with Over 1300 Development automatically gets Corruption and you cant do anything against it, even if you are permanently at 3 stab and ahead of time in all 3 Techs. Adding to that that Stab Cost is also Increased by that and Stabbing from 2 to 3 Costs almost 400 ADM, you cant realistically Conquer anything Satifying. I was planing on uniting China but that wont work... Corruption from Territorries is still there btw which is fine tho, since there are even more possibilities for Trade companies. But there is also Overextension and all that stuff so you will die to Corruption and you can do nothing about it...
Orgamina 16 окт. в 6:40 
8. Buildings cost about half what they do in Vanilla and I dont get why, the Change to temples now actually makes them be Religiously relevant and I like the Combination of Tax and Autonomzy modifiers in the new class of buildings. Also buildings grant Prosperity which is nice. Armies are cheaper early but in 1575 almost as expensive as in vanilla, so nice Change there to make early Game economy more enjoyable. Manufactories can just be build after embracing the Institution, which is GOOD but also nowhere mentioned, please Change that to :)
9. CCR-Modifiers are strictly reduced but also Coring base cost which would technically allow every nation to Blob a bit, but...
Orgamina 16 окт. в 6:40 
7. Playing in Asia there was Still the problem of how to get Renaissance tho and since you cant Develop it (btw Developement is hilariously Cheap but also costs Prosperity which frankly feels weird and unrealistic, one of the few changes I dont like)its a nice challenge and realistic that Europe was developing the fastest at that time, but it sometime aroud 1540 spawned in my Rival Wu with just the Modifier Test, would be nice if that could soon be changed to be more transparent so you can actually work to spawn it. (Also a minor thing, Ajuuran and Neighbours start without Saddlery which is simply inaccurate, they had it in the real world even before the spliting of the Timeline.