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Risky's Ford F-250 OBS
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Risky's Ford F-250 OBS

Hello all.

Today I present to you my Ford F-250 OBS Edition.

This truck is made for scouting, heavy logging, and light logging.

Addons Included:
Mini Fridge (Fits On Top)
Toolbox, Welder, Generator, and Cooler Combo
Back Cargo Hitch (can carry 4 point firewood / logs)
35' Gooseneck Trailer (can carry 8 point tree / big log

Hope y'all enjoy.


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39 коментара
BrOkEn_SaNiTy 29 септ. в 22:19 
So I'm guessing that the Gooseneck can't be loaded at a Kiosk?
schum29 3 септ. в 17:54 
why the car is not loaded in simulator mode?
dubstepsheep 8 юли в 11:15 
Love the truck, could you possibly offer it in solid colors, like white for example?
Risky  [автор] 24 юни в 20:39 
No its not mean im not going to do commands for free
NTSFMagellan 18 юни в 12:46 
Thats kind of mean...
Risky  [автор] 13 юни в 15:45 
If you join my patreon it will be done.
Fordman460 12 юни в 15:38 
risky could you make a 83-86 f250 4x4 6.9 diesel but it needs to sound like a 6.9. would love to see it
Trog The Young 30 апр. в 8:07 
works perfectly i love it
mudkipfinder 22 апр. в 16:58 
Could you make a F350 dually of this year model and make it a plain color as well that would be awsome. Also have to say love to see someone finally making and old truck like this cant wait to see more great things like this.
IMAGINE WAGONS 19 апр. в 16:37 
This is one of my favorite trucks. Do you think you could make a black or white version instead of just having camo?