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WARMACHINE Chernarus Winter - USAF vs AFRF
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Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Multiplayer, Coop, PvP
Scenario Type: Air, Infantry, Vehicles, Water
Scenario Map: OtherMap
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WARMACHINE Chernarus Winter - USAF vs AFRF

В 2 колекции от IvosH_cz
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Advance And Secure game mode for Arma 3, with dynamically generated missions. Inspired by the Battlefield games, combining conquest and rush game modes. Designed primarily for PvP, can be played as SP / Coop / PvP. Game mode is playable from 1 to 48 players.

Every created mission is unique. In the mission generator, you can select any place on the map, set up mission parameters, or leave it randomized. You can easily create missions from small scale infantry combat to battlefield style scenario with all the vehicles, artillery and close air support. Mission layout is every time different.

Autonomous AI and advanced respawn system is designed to populate battlefield with low number of players. AI units respawn on the best position closest to the fight and ready to attack. If autonomous AI is enabled, all AI units will join the battle and attack objectives. It's recommended to be a squad leader. Occupy the squad leader positions first in the lobby, or select BECOME SQUAD LEADER in the actions menu.

Your main task is to fight with your team for victory. All weapons and vehicles are available from start. No restrictions to unlock equipment. No complicated logistics. Choose your favorite weapon and fight.

Advance And Secure game mode consists of two phases. First phase of the scenario is a sector control game, second phase is an attack/defend game. SECTOR CONTROL: If your team holds more sectors than enemy, then opponent’s tickets start bleeding. You win first phase, if enemy runs out of tickets. ATTACK/DEFEND: Team, that won the first phase, attacks the enemy FOB (forward operating base). Enemy team has to defend. If attackers capture enemy FOB, then defender’s tickets start bleeding. You win, if enemy tickets are depleted.

DISCORD for everyone who is looking for teammates to play WarMachine[]
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4 коментара
IvosH_cz  [автор] 12 март в 1:24 
Thanks for the feedback. If you want biger distances between sectors use "Create AO manually" in the "AO selection method". Then you can place sectors anywhere you want.
fellfrosch 5 март в 7:24 
Very cool mission!

Here is my suggestion: Make the sectors (at least the neutral ones) further away from each other. Sometimes the battle gets stale when using alot AI-controlled squads. A bigger battlefield would make it more dynamic and interesting! It seems quiet ok on Malden, but on bigger maps like Chernarus or Altis, it's too small imo.

Keep up the good work!
IvosH_cz  [автор] 3 ян. в 7:56 
Thanks for your feedback. Autonomous AI system tells to the groups without players leadership what objective to attack every 2 min and when owner of any sector changes. Objectives (sectors) are sort by priority. Empty>>held by the enemy>>held by the friendly.
Kennytoe 23 дек. 2018 в 5:33 
Really good mate, well done. Only change I would suggest is to make the AI more aggressive with capturing, once the sectors are taken they don't get anywhere near close to retaking them.