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Seal 1 (growable)
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20 ноем. 2018 в 10:26
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Seal 1 (growable)

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Seal Building Theme
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My first building of Seal series. This series may grow into building theme, that you can mix with old town houses from european-ish themes. Idea is, that for whatever reson oryginal nice looking building is gone, and there was this cheap structure built to replace it. Classic in PRL era in Poland.



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Model: 3850 tris
Texture: 512 x 512
LOD: 67 tris
LOD texture: 128 x 128
Size: 4 x 4

Hope you like it!
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9 коментара
daqwid2727  [автор] 20 дек. 2018 в 11:23 
that was my exact idea. It doesnt look right in some situations, but its fixable with detailing.
Lennep 17 дек. 2018 в 15:03 
great looking building for such a small file size. and thanks for putting windows on the side walls - that way it doesn't look so weird if there's a height difference with the next building, plus it doubles as a corner building. maybe that was the great idea...
mntoes 5 дек. 2018 в 10:38 
Nice building. What's the great idea?
daqwid2727  [автор] 23 ноем. 2018 в 6:29 
thx. Will make more then. Good reactions on this idea from workshop is what i needed.
daqwid2727  [автор] 23 ноем. 2018 в 6:28 
@jaaskw Nie do końca, to jest kilka róznych pomysłow które widziałem we wrocławiu jako plomby, sklejone w jeden obiekt.
Borogwain 23 ноем. 2018 в 0:11 
Great idea.
jaaskw 22 ноем. 2018 в 10:26 
@daqwid2727 ten budynek jest inspirowany jakimś konkretnym budynkiem? Wygląda bardzo ciekawie
UguuDoki 21 ноем. 2018 в 16:17 
N2J 21 ноем. 2018 в 9:44 
Very useful building, looking forward to more :)