Surviving Mars
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Silva - Medium Apartments
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Silva - Medium Apartments

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Silva's Mods for Surviving Mars
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Provides living space for Colonists. Cramped quarters grant less Comfort during rest.

New building : Medium Apartments
Type : Residential, Inside building
Upgrades : 1
Tech required : Low-G Highrise
Base comfort : 40
Capacity : 7

Mod available into French & English

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11 коментара
Froz 19 дек. 2019 в 3:40 
Just to offer another perspective on this mod, I prefer this over the modular apartments because it's in balance with the vanilla apartments. Which are pretty weak early on but once you're stacking a bunch of comfort they become decent options. Use the modular for convenience, but these slot into the vanilla gameplay really well.
[CN]SiYi 25 юни 2019 в 10:23 
The modular department can be updated to cap of 14 persons. I hope this medium apartment can be updated too. Just need to provide less comfort to keep balance.
翱岚祝融/Aolan Zhurong 20 май 2019 в 1:31 
为殖民者提供生活空间。 狭窄的宿舍在休息期间给予较少的舒适度。

技术要求:Low-G Highrise
Admiral Casual 24 февр. 2019 в 15:58 
Honestly? This is one of the only mods of Silva's that I'm passing on. Modular apartments do muchly the same thing, and provide greater comfort and capacity with just a little bit of micromangement.
deejay21 19 ян. 2019 в 10:42 
A lot better than the standard ones.
Armilus 19 ян. 2019 в 9:43 
I use those instead of the vanilla apartments when I want to place a passage.
Silva  [автор] 4 ян. 2019 в 22:04 
@P.Apollo : You need to havethis dependency : "Silva - Essentials" this mod will show my custom build menu (AND read the description of this mod for more detail on the Mod Load Order).
Preston Apollo, Proto-Medic 4 ян. 2019 в 15:48 
I think this is a useful mod. However, I can't seem to use it. Doesn't show up in my build menu.
ErynnSilver 21 ноем. 2018 в 16:30 
son-goku it provides 21, which is not much short, and about the ballance equivilant of the smart homes, which don't provide as many as their large variant either.
son-goku 21 ноем. 2018 в 9:19 
Given that the Apartment complexes give 24 living space, isn't this one a bit redundant?