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Life-Size E&F Miler Scandia Screamer
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17 септ. 2018 в 16:40
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Life-Size E&F Miler Scandia Screamer

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Bullethead's Life-Size Coasters
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Just a hair bigger-than-life-size near-copy of the E & F Miler Screamer from Scandia Park, Ontario, CA, the one and only 88' High Miler. The 100% custom supports are a bit over 1900 parts and fairly close to the real thing although I didn't put any of the diagonal cables between the uprights because part count. If you want to add them, knock yourself out.

This coaster has a exccitement of 4.95 and fear of 3.48 so is highly attractive to peeps of all demographics. Problem is, it only carries 12 peeps per train so while it will make money, it will also usually turn peeps away from the queue.

NOTE: This coaster CAN be placed over existing paths but you CANNOT run paths under it. So, if you want a path under it, make the path first, then place this blueprint.
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9 коментара
sgtsnodawg499 7 дек. 2018 в 23:28 
Sucks living here in sk, cause i never been to scandia park nor canada's wonderland.
Bullethead  [автор] 7 дек. 2018 в 8:25 
Codingkid01, thanks! The 52' Hi Miler is on my to-do list. It's odds of being done relatively soon have improved lately thanks to some cool structural pieces folks have made with TMT, which should help with doing the custom supports.
Codingkid01 7 дек. 2018 в 8:02 heres a link to the rcdb page if u need it :)
Codingkid01 7 дек. 2018 в 7:59 
nice! can you make the 52 foot hi miler at wild adventures and (formerly at casino pier) for me? thanks!
Bullethead  [автор] 25 септ. 2018 в 16:33 
@Eins Trigger: D'oh! Thanks for the correction. I even used to work in Ontario, CA, so should know better.

@dance: Yeah, it's unique all right. The Screamer is the only 1 of its kind every built (so far, at least).
dance 25 септ. 2018 в 6:32 
very unique:steamhappy:
Eins Trigger 24 септ. 2018 в 21:51 
I think you mean ONTARIO, CA
Not Orlando. Yes, there is a city in California named Ontario. With a Scandia, with that ride.
Bullethead  [автор] 18 септ. 2018 в 15:45 
Thanks Bloopy! The supports are a bit thicker than the real ones but were the closest available in PC. And there are none of the X-bracing cables all around the real thing because it was already at 1900 parts. But I think I got the look of the real thing fairly well and the ride is very similar based on POV vids on YouTube. Have you ever ridden the real one?
Bloopy 18 септ. 2018 в 10:31 
love the realism